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RadioLabs strives to provide the highest quality wireless, radio, and electronic products to our customers. We not only carry these products, but also have a deep understanding of design and function. We create our own products, and modify existing ones as well. We are dedicated to our customers and lead the industry in innovation and quality.
Featured Systems

Highest power and speed 802.11AC Router

RadioLabs is proud to announce the release of our NEW
o2Air-AC, 802.11AC ultra router. No other router on the market offers the power, speed and high performance network capability of
RadioLabs o2Air-AC router. Smart gateway feature instantly puts you online with the fastest, highest power dual band router on the market. All the features of a Business class router and more, for a normal, retail consumer router price!

802.11AC High Power Router! Click here for new O2Air-AC 1 Watt gigabit router
Ever-increasing network demands, streaming high definition video, smart home appliances, rapid internet speeds, security and camera systems all depend on a high performance network router. The o2Air-AC has the performance you need for an amazingly low price. (introductory price limited to supply)
Click here for more info....
High Power 802.11AC Gigabit router! - GO!
High Power-Long Range - Gigabit - 802.11AC Router

  RadioLabs Introductory Price: $169.95 + shipping USB Wifi Router Repeater - GO!-

O2Surf - The Most Versatile WiFi Solution Ever

The NEW RadioLabs O2Surf, and an antenna, are the only wireless tools you will ever need. Virtually any wireless function can be performed with this WiFi Access point, Repeater, Client Bridge radio. We have used these for bridging, RV parks, Marinas, or just extending wifi to a shop.

High Power WiFi Access Point - Repeater or bridge / Client

1-1/2 years of development, extensive testing and real world installation have given us what we believe is the best wireless tool on the market today.
Adding any antenna will ......... more info..USB Wifi Router Repeater - GO!-

RadioLabs o2Surf Promotional Price: $99.95 + shipping

  CaptiFi - Omni Wifi Repeater Kit

RadioLabs to offer the simplest kit available to repeat any WiFi signal, turning a public, private or virtually any access point into your own private wireless network. Sets up in minutes. There's simply nothing like it on the market.
High power wifi Travel kit w / USB Antenna
The USB Router Repeater works by bringing in distant wireless signals through the CaptiFi USB antenna, then re-broadcasts that signal so local devices can connect. This allows phones, tablets, laptops, and virtually any other WiFi enabled device to receive a strong and consistent signal without having to each have their own powerful antenna.

RadioLabs Price: $259.95 + shipping USB Wifi Router Repeater - GO!-
Need a supercharged version of this kit?
Click here
for the WaveXL, long range wifi repeater kit.

RadioLabs ATS-909X ClearMod

Sangean ATS-909X ClearMod
High Performance Modified- AM/FM/Shortwave receiver

RadioLabs is proud to offer the ATS-909X - ClearMod, a modified version of the new Sangean ATS-909X, providing increased clarity and sensitivity. An already extremely sensitive set, our custom modification takes the AM & SW bands and supercharges them.

Click here for more information on the radio we are known by.. the 909X ClearMod receiver, exclusively from RadioLabs is the best performing portable DSP receiver on the market! USB Wifi Router Repeater - GO!-

Click here to view our
                        New Products!

Highest Power USB
WiFi Cards available
High Power 802.11AC Gigabit router! - GO!

Select a card for more info.
USB WiFi Cards - High Power Wave Plus - Highest output card available Wave Stealth AC - High Power WiFi Card Super Seed - New long range card

High Speed Compact Bridge System
An inexpensive and reliable bridge to transmit an internet signal up to 5 miles!
RadioLabs is excited to offer an affordable way to beam an existing internet signal to a far-off location. Depending on environmental factors (such as trees, terrain, and buildings), this kit can connect two devices up to five miles apart! Check out our ....
High Speed Compact Wireless Bridge System
Point to Point Wireless Bridge - Configured Point to Point Wireless Bridge - Configured

New ProductThe New, RadioLabs o2Surf Bridge kit, is a completely configured, no hassle, point to point wireless system, that allows for rock solid bridging, line of sight up to 5 miles with RadioLabs own high power sensitive 2.4GHz radios.   More...

High Power 802.11AC Wifi card | Wave Stealth AC High Power 802.11AC Wifi card | Wave Stealth AC

The NEW Wave Stealth AC - High Power 802.11AC WiFi Card Introducing the Wave Stealth AC! Simply put, the Wave Stealth AC is the highest power, longest range, 802.11AC card ever introduced. RadioLabs, the leader in high power wifi and wireless systems, introduces this powerful card after a year in development   More...

20 ft WiFi Antenna Cable 20 ft WiFi Antenna Cable

RadioLabs offers a full line of pre-made cables for your 802.11 installation. We have pre-made cables or you can have us custom make a cable for your specific application.   More...

CaptiFi - High Power USB Wifi Antenna CaptiFi - High Power USB Wifi Antenna

The Gen III CaptiFi Long Range Wifi Antenna is an ultra-reliable, self-contained all-in-one High Power, 802.11 B/G/N USB Wifi Antenna that requires no additional equipment to utiilize. With a purpose-built 9 dB omni-directional antenna and an enclosed max-legal power EIRP rated 802.11B/G/N wireless adapter, the CaptiFi provides long range wireless connectivity up to 15x farther than an integrated wireless card   More...   FAQ

Kaito Voyager || Emergency Radio KA500 Kaito Voyager || Emergency Radio KA500

NEW!! The Voyager Radio is a AM/FM/SW/WX emergency radio that can be powered by the built-in hand crank, adjustable solar panel, a PC's USB port, DC adapter or the included Ni-MH batteries. The KA500 can also charge your cell phone or MP3 Player.   More...

WaveRv Marine XL - Wireless Marine Antenna WaveRv Marine XL - Wireless Marine Antenna

The New WaveRv Marine XL, is designed specifically to provide long range wifi connectivity in a marine environment. With a simple, single USB connection to any computer, this ultra long range antenna will dramatically increase wifi reception with no additional equipment required.   More...

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RadioLabs Price: $289.95 (Shipping Included!)
Modification for Detent also available for just $10 more!
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