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Super 909 Reviews and Testimonials
Below are Reviews and Testimonials on the RadioLabs Super 909 Modification
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RadioLabs Super 909
RadioLabs “Super ATS-909” Modifications
Review by Kirby, W7SV

I received my Sangean Super 909 back from you last week following the modification which RadioLabs accomplished. There are a number of improvements which literally JUMP OUT at me! First of all when I turn on the radio, I see that the display has a new BLUE color! This is simply magnificent. I recommend this upgrade to everyone who owns a 909!

The next thing that I notice is that the radio is much more sensitive when using only the built in whip antenna (approximately 6 db). Before this modification, the radio was a marginal performer on the HAM Bands because it lacked proper sensitivity without an external antenna. I use the radio now with earphones to listen to my Ham Radio friends in the morning before my wife is awake. This was not possible before because the radio just was not sensitive enough on the whip antenna to hear their signals (and she would not tolerate the external antenna draped all over the bedroom to make the sensitivity acceptable). This fix alone is worth the entire cost of the modification!!

I also note that the RF Gain control now works properly, so that if there is a really strong local Ham talking in the group, I just lower the RF Gain control slightly and he now no longer overloads the front end of the receiver. This modification is a huge improvement versus the way that it used to work before your modification!

The bandwidth filters which you changed out also are a big improvement over the stock filters. They are narrow enough to prevent undesirable adjacent signals from interfering with the desired signal, but still wide enough to provide excellent fidelity for the stations that I am receiving. Again, this is a great improvement!

I had previously done the anti-mute tuning mod on my radio, so I can also recommend this modification to everyone. It makes the 909 work like every other quality shortwave receiver that I have used. It is a very useful modification.

I did not have the RCA phono jack added to my 909 because I built an adapter for factory installed external antenna jack. Plus, now the radio is sensitive enough that I almost never have to use the external antenna anymore!

As you can tell, I am extremely satisfied with the Sangean Super 909 modification that your company provides!! As a matter of fact, I have decided to send my second Sangean 909 to you so that RadioLabs can do the modification to it also. When I was comparing the 2 radios side by side, the Super 909 was so superior that I knew that I would never again be satisfied with my second 909 unless RadioLabs had also modified it to be a Super 909 also!

If any of your customers are considering the purchase of a standard version of the Sangean 909, my recommendation to them would be to buy the RadioLabs Sangean Super 909 instead!! They will be much better satisfied with the choice of the Super 909!! It performs like a receiver with a price tag several times higher (and blows away the low-cost competition). I rate the RadioLabs Sangean Super 909 a Best Buy!!

73 and Good DX,

Kirby, W7SV in Houston.

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