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WR-1 Wood Radio Review

Sangean's newest Radio, the WR-1.
RadioLabs: Wednesday, August 20, 2003
by Chris Justice

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External connections: The WR-1 has external antenna jacks on the back for power, headphone connection, line output, line input (yes, it sounds excellent with a CD player connected), external AM and FM antenna connections. It also comes with a small wire FM antenna, which you plug in the back of the radio for improved FM sensitivity.

Yeah yeah, I know. I am a highly touted engineer making this review and have developed a lot of radios and products with Sangean in the past. I know the company very well and am personal friends with the engineer that developed the WR-1. Please, don’t let that influence this review because it was honest and from the eardrums. Besides, have you ever actually seen me do a review on any other radio before? Of course not. They simply didn’t sound like the WR-1 and couldn’t have affected me in the same way.

Sangean WR-1 wood radio

UPDATE: November 21st, The color of the WR-1 is available only in Black/Platinum as can be seen in this recent photo. Very nice, very classic look.

In conclusion and probably as you can tell, the new Sangean WR-1 receiver is everything I like and want in a small, Hi-Fi radio. It is perfect for your kitchen, an end table, counter top, or even a bedroom radio. The lack of a clock is unfortunate so it cannot wake me up in the morning, but that's not what this radio is about. It's simple, easy to use and just generally makes your ears feel good. I would be very happy to own this radio, especially at the low price of $119 US retail. I will be comparing the sound of this radio to just about everything I twist a knob on for a long time to come.

Until next time! Happy listening....... Chris


  • Wooden cabinet made of MDF in real Cherry or Walnut or other optional wood veneer
  • Soft and Precision tuning
  • Rotary tuning and volume controls
  • Tuning LED indicator
  • Band indicator
  • Detachable Power cord
  • Headphone socket
  • REC out
  • Aux in socket to connect with other audio source (e.g. CD player)
  • 3 inches 7 W full range speaker wqith enlarged magnet
  • Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass
  • External AM antenna terminal
  • Internal/External FM antenna switch
  • 9-14 Voltage power adaptor socket for vehicle power
  • WxHxD in mm: 240x115x153
  • Weight: 2356g


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