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What are the differences between the original ATS-909 and the ATS-909X?
The ATS-909X takes the features that made the original 909 a radio enthusiast's favorite and expanded them to provide a improved radio experience while still retaining the familiarity of the original. Along with increased radio presets or "memories" (the 909X has 406 over the 909's 307), the 909X adds a "squelch" feature which allow the background static of noisy or intermittent stations to be filtered out. By simply adjusting the squelch threshold, only the intended transmission will be heard, rather than any other noise or static that may be present. The front mounted rotary tuning dial provides better control when scanning through frequencies and a larger LCD screen with bright white LED illumination allows better visibility. Also, using new filter technology, the 909X brings increased sensitivity and better signal isolation to the format.

Will the ATS-909X recharge batteries when connected to an AC power source?
Yes, when used with correct capacity NiMH or NiCad batteries (not included), the 909X will charge when plugged in using the included AC power supply.

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