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Can I use the UltraRouter to broadcast Wifi for my house/office?
Yes, the UltraRouter, in it's default configuration, will broadcast a long range, high speed connection to any Wifi-enabled device. These include laptops, tablets, smartphones and printers.

Will the UltraRouter act as a standalone Wifi repeater to extend the range of my existing Wifi network?
No, the UltraRouter does not support a Universal or "blind" repeater mode. The UltraRouter can, however, be used as a WDS-enabled repeater with another UltraRouter.

Will the UltraRouter increase the speed of my internet connection?
Technically, no. The UltraRouter only allows faster access to your existing internet connection. If you are not receiving adequate signal from your existing router, or if your internet connection is faster than the 54Mbps speed that 802.11G provides, the UltraRouter can provide faster access by extending the effective coverage area to wireless devices and allowing full access to existing service provider connections.

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