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Does this work on Mac OSX or new version of Windows (ie: Windows 10, or oS 10.11 , etc)
The Captifi Repeater kit, is completely operating system independent. The USB Repeater (WiJacker) has its own built in operating system, which allows it to control the CaptiFi antenna, connect to any public access point, or router you have security credentials for, and repeats a carbon copy. No other software is needed, and you can even program it from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or any PC device with an internet browser.

What is the range of the CaptiFi - USB Repeater kit?
This is the most common question we are asked about our products. The CaptiFi is capable of connecting to any open , public or secured network (if you have password or credentials) from minimum 1/4 mile, and we have had reports of people connecting offshore to marinas with powerful outdoor wifi systems, up to 8 miles. The only limiting factor on the CaptiFi or any of RadioLabs high power products, is the access point you are connecting to and obstructions, such as trees, buildings or land.

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