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Panel 14 WiFi Antenna

Panel 14 WiFi Antenna

This is a small WiFi Antenna that has a big performance on wireless LAN systems. It is a good choice if you want a low profile high gain wireless antenna.

Antenna Details
Pane14 Wireless LAN Antenna
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Note: This WiFi antenna has the following connector options:

  • RPSMA - The RPSMA connector has threads on the inside and a center socket (instead of the standard pin).
  • RPTNC - The RPTNC Male connector has threads on the inside and a center socket.
  • MC-Card - MC Card Connectors are a micro-miniature connector for microwave signals. It has no threads but has a center pin.
  • RP-MMCX - RP-MMCX has no threads but has a center socket.
  • MMCX - The MMCX has no threads but has a center pin.

Panel 14 Wireless Antenna

Panel14 WiFi Antenna- the antenna with a pouch! The Panel14 WiFi Antenna offers a compact, low profile, high performance 14dBi gain antenna coupled with a waterproof compartment to facilitate integration of various customer electronics. The customer’s electronic equipment is protected within a 9" x 9" x 2" weatherproof compartment , big enough to house transceivers, access points, routers, amplifiers and other electronic equipment.

The antenna design utilizes a suspended wire element over a solid 8.5" square backplane for consistent performance over temperature and humidity conditions. The weatherproof housing is constructed of UV stabilized ABS plastic and accommodates horizontal or vertical antenna polarity. The backplate is aluminum with stainless steel fasteners for corrosion resistance throughout many years of reliable service. The +/- 45 deg tilt bracket is galvabond steel with stainless steel fasteners.

If you need an extension cable or Pigtail to connect this antenna with your WiFi device, please see our WiFi cables and connectors

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Model #
Panel 14
Frequency Range
2400 to 2485 MHz
Input Return Loss (S11)
-14 dB
System Gain (After Cable/Connector Loss)
4.8 dBi
Input Power
20 W
Operating Temperature
-45 to +70° C
14 dBi
3db Beam Angle (E-Plane)
35 Deg
3dB Beam Angle (H-Plane)
Front to Back
18 dB
29 oz (.8 kg)
Dimension (L x W x H) 10.75” x 10.75” x 4” (Inches)
267 x 267 x 102 (mm)

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