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Trucker Mobile WiFi Antenna

Trucker WiFi Antenna
The RadioLabs Trucker Wireless Internet Antenna Kit has the maximum legal power for the most range. This omni directional mobile wifi antenna allows you to connect with distant truck stops at internet access points from long distances.

WiFi Trucker Kit
This item is no longer available

The Trucker Wireless Internet Antenna comes with all of the accessories needed to plug and play with your wireless notebook card, including:

  • Buffalo Wireless Notebook Card
  • High Gain Mobile Wireless Antenna
  • U-Bolt Style Mount
  • 500mW 2.4GHz Wireless Amplifier with 6 ft of LMR-400 Coax Cable
  • DC Injector with 4 ft LMR-100 Pigtail
  • Cigarette Jack for 12V Cigarret Lighter Power Input

Already Have a Wireless Card for your Laptop?

Buy the Wireless Trucker Kit without the Buffalo WiFi Card!

RadioLabs Low Price:

Pigtail Connector::
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Due Date: Two Weeks
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Trucker Wireless Antenna 2.4GHz

Normally pulling into a truck stop or other location that serves as a wireless hot spot means that you have to drag your laptop inside to get online. With the WiFi Trucker Kit you can surf the web and check email without even getting out of the cab. The dramatic increase in signal strength this kit offers will allow you to search for even more hotspots and use them from 8 miles away!* Make use of the convenience of wireless internet access by installing a WiFi Trucker Kit.

This kit gives you everything you need for connecting to wireless internet using a laptop. We offer the option of purchasing the kit with a wireless card included, or if you currently have a wireless card with an antenna connector you can purchase the kit without the card.

If your laptop does not have an external antenna jack, we recommend upgrading your wireless card so that you can receive the maximum legal range of Wireless Internet. We recommend the Buffalo Notebook WiFi Card.

The RadioLabs trucker WiFi antenna is plug and play. It comes with all of the cables and accessories that you need to start extending the range of your wireless internet card.

If you need to find out the type of connector, take a look at our WiFi antenna connector list. Please let us know if you cannot find your connector type.

*Individual results may vary. Typical ranges based on line of site in optimal conditions.

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Model #
Trucker WiFi Antenna
Frequency Range
< 1.5 : 1
Horizontal Beamwidth
360 degree
Vertical Beamwidth
30 degree
Max. Power input
100 watts
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