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WiMag8 Mobile Magnetic Wifi Antenna
With the popularity of the Captifi USB Wifi Antenna
, RadioLabs has released the WiMag8, a versatile magnetic mount antenna utilizing the same antenna element, producing amazing gain allowing for long range connectivity when coupled with any 802.11B/G/N/AC or any wifi installation.

Antenna Details
The best mobile wifi antenna EVER produced, RadioLabs patent pending WiMag 8, mobile, low drag antenna delivers!
WiMag-8 Antenna with 5 foot cable
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WiMag-8 Antenna with 10 foot cable
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WiMag8 Features:

  •  Omni-Directional 8dB 2.4Ghz Antenna. (recent testing of the WiMag8 show gain in excess of 10dB in field surveys at correct antenna height.)
  •  20 lb. Load Magnetic Base (vehicle wind speed rated in excess of 100 MPH)
  •  Hardwired Low-Loss Coaxial cable
  •  Choice of connectors
  •  Completely Weatherproof Design
  •  Long range capability
  •  Low profile design
  •  No software required
  •  Plug and play installation

2.4Ghz Magnetic Mount Mobile WiFi Antenna

Wireless on the Go

The best mobile wifi antenna ever developed

Pretty bold statement for RadioLabs to make, sure, but we have used these antennas in almost every imaginable situation, and the WiMag8 delivers. This very low profile, high gain wifi antenna, has been used in every imaginable sitatuion, from public transit, to airplanes, unmanned arial vehicles to regular automobiles. NASA even uses these for multiple applications. The technology has even been used inside of elevators, medical equipment carts, almost every imaginable sitaution.. the WiMag delivers broad band, high gain, small package side and an incredible vertical radiation pattern.

They aren't cheap.. In fact, they are one of our most labor intensive antennas products we've ever built. We have never had a person send one back for refund because the range was too low.. in fact, common complaints are, that the antenna simply receive too many wifi signals and creates interference from surrounding wifi. If too many wifi signals is not a problem, these are the perfect antenna. This antenna, is literally as powerful as a 3-4 foot tall vertical omni antenna, with a greater vertical radiation pattern. In fact, the WiMag8 was first designed, tested, developed and produced in 2002, as a custom engineering project between the US Army development test facility and RadioLabs for a small footprint, low cost and portable wireless antenna for military targetting systems. The antenna element worked so well, the antenna surpassed any of our expectations in real world field tests and deployment.

he new RadioLabs WiMag-8 Mobile Magnetic Wifi Antenna is a versatile magnetic mount antenna specifically designed with mobile applications in mind. With a low profile design and a powerful magnetic base, the WiMag-8 delivers impressive gain and increased range to any 802.11 2.4Ghz device with an external antenna jack without the hassle and size of a standard vertical dipole antenna.

The WiMag element can be used in a variety of applications, as we license or produce this element for wireless kiosks, deployment for MESH systems, boat and mobile ADHOC communications and briding, deployment on UAVs, and too many applications to list. If you have a custom application, please email us and our engineers can discuss your design to incorporate this antenna's active element into your design to meet your criteria.

Utilizing a miniaturized, highly tuned antenna element, the WiMag-8 performs with the range and reception capabilities generally only available from much larger antennas. At only 2.5 inches tall, the WiMag-8 can be used in almost any mobile situation and the 20 lb. load magnetic base ensures it stays put.

Easily configurable to meet any application, the WiMag-8 comes with 5 or 10 feet of low-loss LMR-100 coaxial cabling and your choice of connector. Simply attach the WiMag-8 Mobile Antenna to your wireless router, USB wifi adapter, PCI card or any wifi device with an external antenna jack and place on the roof of your car/truck/RV/van or right on your desktop and away you go....

The WiMag-8 can be used with any of RadioLabs' USB wifi adapters, such as the Wave Magnum or WaveRv II or any of our O2 line of networking products, the O2Storm 1 Watt High Power Wireless Router or Wireless Router Repeater Kit. If you are installing this antenna on any vehicle, ensure the roof is steel, or the magnet will not stick. As with other mobile magnetic mount antennas, the antenna element itself is not dependant on a metalic roof ground plane. The antenna's radiation pattern is not affected by metal below the antenna itself and the ground plane is incorporated into the antenna element itself.

Please note that the WiMag-8 Wifi Antenna will not connect directly to a laptop/desktop unless a wifi device (USB adapter, wifi card, bridge device) with a removable antenna is present. Please refer to our Wifi Cards to check out some of our devices that can be used in conjunction with the WiMag8.

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-WiMag-8 Magnetic Wifi Antenna-
Frequency Range
2400 - 2500 MHz
IEEE Compatibility
50 Ω
8 dBi @ 2.4GHz
(Recent manufacturing techniques and testing shows antenna gain in excess of 10dB. Phenominal gain for such a small footprint low windload antenna.)
Max. Power input
50 Watts
Direct Ground (RF chassis ground internal, does not need grounding to vehicle)
Connector type
Height x 2.5" Width x 3.5"
6 oz.
Radiator Material
Copper Alloy
Enclosure Construction
UV Stable ABS Plastic and Silicone sealant
WiMag-8 Wifi Antenna (5 foot cable)
Item # WIMAG8
Price: $99.95
WiMag-8 Wifi Antenna (10 foot cable)
Item # WIMAG8-10
Price: $99.95
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