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Vertical antenna for GSM band - RL900vert11-6°

Antenna Details


900 MHz vertical antenna

Special Order
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Vertical antenna for GSM band - RL900vert11-6°

The Radiolabs model 900vert11-6 is the one of, if not the highest gain 900 MHz vertical antenna on the market. This antenna has 11dB gain and a 6-degree electrical downtilt. This antenna is for medium elevation installations where the antenna is well above surrounding flat terrain. Your installation engineer can easily calculate the desired downtilt of this antenna. If you have any questions, you can always contact Radiolabs support for help with your antenna questions.
All Radiolabs antennas are very high quality, fiberglass construction with anodized aluminum base and stainless steel hardware. The RL900vert line of antennas can all handle high wind, in excess of 130-MPH, can handle power in excess of 500 watts and are approximately 12 feet long. These are very high-grade commercial antennas. Please see specifications below for details.

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Model #
Frequency Range
870 - 960MHz
<1.5 @ 100MHz bandwidth
50 Ω
11.5 dBi
Vertical - 360° omni-directional
Electrical Downtilt
6° downtilt
Half power beamwidth
E-Plane beamwidth = 8°
H-Plane beamwidth = 360°
E-Plane Pattern
6 degree downtilt
  900 MHz omni
Max. Power input
500 Watts +
Direct Ground (not required but advised)
Connector type
N-Female or 7/16 DIN
Fiberglass vertical mast, aluminum base
Max wind velocity
130++ mph
<3 Meters
Supporting pole
Mast Mounting Diagram
Side mount bracket on steel or fiberglass mast

Item # GSM6

Price: $329.95

Special Order
Please contact us to order
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