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Dual Band Cell Booster
- RadioLabs Dual Band Cellular Repeater/ Amplifier-
This Cellular Amplifier/ Repeater is the newest product in our RadioLabs Inventory.
If you are in need of increasing your cellular range and signal strength then this device is perfect for you..
Antenna Details
Cell Phone 3G Amplifier - BoosterCellular Signal Amplifier

RadioLabs Cellular Repeater Amplifier System

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Kit Includes

  • Dual band cell phone repeater
  • Cell phone repeater 5 VDC/3A universal power supply
  • 50' RFC-400 jumper cable
  • 10' RFC-240 jumper cable
  • 3dbi Indoor 360 dome antenna for ceiling mount
  • 9db External omni antenna with pole mounting bracket

-Long Range High Speed Wifi Bridging System-

RadioLabs' state-of-the-art cell phone repeater/amplifier kit offers a cost effective, do-it-your-self solution. Designed to increase signal strength and improves cellular communication. There is no physical connection to the cell phone needed with this device.

Designed for use in your house,office, RV, or boat. This booster significantly improves your cell phone's performance and signal strength. Greatly reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates.

This complete kit has an amplifier, external omni directional antenna, internal antenna, and cable for installation. The external antenna captures weak cell phone signals and transmits the signal to the amplifier that then sends the signal to the internal antenna that gets broadcasted inside the building or RV.

The cellular repeater/ amplifier will also work great for military and emergency response vehicles. Fire, Law Enforcement and Military vehicles can greatly use the repeater/amplifier to conduct their day to day operations.



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- Cellular Repeater-
Dual Band Cellular Repeater/Amplifier Specifications
Frequency Range: Uplink: 824-849Mhz and 1850-1910Mhz
Downlink: 869-894Mhz and 1930-1990Mhz
Max Output Power: 3W, 35dBm (824-849Mhz),
2W,33dBm (1850-1910Mhz)
Dynamic Variable Gain: Up to 60dB
Impedance 50Ω
Power Consumption Standby 5 vdc/0.75A, Uplink 5 vdc/2.0A
RF Connections:
Outside Antenna Port: Mini-UHF Female or Type-N Inside Antenna Port: Mini-UHF Female or Type-N
Indicator: LED's indicating power on, activity, and fault conditions
Price: $524.95
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