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Digital Multimeter

RadioLabs Rugged Digital Multimeter
This 6000 count digital multimeter is what every technician must have. A perfect gift for that professional or just the home hobbyist in all of us.

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Digital Multimeter with PC Interface

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This is an exceptional handheld multimeter with an easy to read display and accurate controls.

RadioLabs Rugged Digital Multimeter

RadioLabs is proud to introduce it's newest multimeter to their inventory. We bring to you a multimeter that will surpasses all your expectations.

Auto ranging True RMS DMM with Computer Interface, Frequency, Capacitance, Temperature, AC current, measurement. 6000 Counts ! High accuracy.

If you are in need of a data logging multimeter that you can record and analyze on your PC look no further!

Having this ability will allow you to analyze your data and make correct decisions based on all data maintained on your PC's hard drive. You can data-log how long it takes to charge a battery, or measure how something heats up. You can visually see a timer or light turn on or the activity of any electronic device over several days.

Most meters with these same features cost $200 - 350 and do not come with the computer interface.This meter comes with a CD for the software, an RS232 cable, test leads and an instruction manual.

Accessories Included:

  • 9V battery
  • Holster
  • RS232C cable
  • Computer software
  • Thermo coupler and test leads

Digital Multimeter Accessories

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Model # RDM
600mV/6/60/600V ± 0.5%,1000V ± 0.8%
6/60/600V ± 0.8%, 750V ± 1.2%
600 µA /6000 µA/60/600mA ± 1.5%, 6/10A ± 2%
600 µA /6000 µA/60/600mA ± 2%, 6/10A ± 2.5%
Hz ~10MHz ± 0.1%
4nF ± 5%, 40/400nF/4/40µF ± 3%, 400µF ± 5%, 4000µF ± 20%
-50°C ~ +400°C ± 0.75% ± 3°C /-58°F ~ +752°F ± 0.75% ± 5°F
1Hz ~10MHz ± 0.1%
Duty Cycle
0.1%~99.9% ± 2.5%
Data Recording
9Vx1,NEDA 1604/6F22
Size (inches)
Weight (Lbs)
1.98 Lbs
Item # RDM
Price: $89.95
Digital Multimeter with PC Interface

Need a great multimeter at an unbelievable price? The 6000 Count Digital multimeter is the best tool a technician can have, especially considering our competition's price! The RadioLabs 6000 count meter measures just about anything you can imagine, including capacitors!!   More...

Digital Multimeter

This is a deal that every homeowner, mechanic, technician, RV owner or anyone interested in nice test equipment! Everyone who has looked at these meters was extremely impressed, especially considering the price! This is a one time offer at this low price. We are currently offering this great multimeter at a wholesale price.   More...

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