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GRE PSR-500 Scanner

GRE PSR-500 Digital Scanner
RadioLabs is proud to introduce the GRE PSR-500. This scanner is simple to operate, yet, sophisticated. Listen to Everything!

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Digital Ready Scanner-

The GRE PSR-500 has the easiest to use interface on the market. You don't have to be an expert in the field of scanners to be able to use this device. The PSR-500 brings a high level of performance and is loaded with many great features. Enjoy the large LCD screen and the back lit keypad.

One of the most innovative features of this radio is its programmable, multi-colored, super bright LED. You can see it from across the room. And you can program the color for the channel received. For example; blue for police, red for fire, green for your favorite ham frequency, etc.

The SKYWARN Storm Spotter feature provides instant, one button access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks. There is a useful spectrum sweeper function that seeks out nearby RF sources. Operates from four AA cells or external 9VDC.

The GRE PSR-500 also employs GRE's V-Scanner Technology that allows you to save a complete radio configurations within the radio, for recall into main memory as needed in the field. You can store configurations for different geographical areas or usage styles. Twenty one Virtual-Scanner Folders are provided, each capable of storing over 1,800 objects.

Supplied accessories include:  BNC antenna, GRE-America USB PC cable, Owner's Manual CD, belt clip and two battery cases (one for alklalines and one for rechargeable).

Included Assessories-

  • Antenna
  • Quick Guide for V-Scanner Pre-loads
  • PDF - Owners manual
  • Black non-rechargeable battery holder
  • Yellow rechargable battery holder
  • AC adapter
  • Belt clip
  • GRE USB PC interface cable
  • CD-ROM (including the owners manual and GRE radio control demo software)


Features Include -

  • Digital Triple Trunking Handheld Scanner
  • Intuitive "Object Oriented" User Interface Design
  • Powerful and Flexible Scan List Functionality
  • Menu Driven Programming with Context Sensitive Help
  • Upgradeable CPU and DSP Firmware 
  • Flexible Free-Form Memory Organization
  • GRE's Exclusive V-Scanner Technology
  • Multi-System Trunking
  • P25 NAC Functionality 
  • Remote Control Capability 
  • Exclusive ALERT LED 
  • Audible alarms
  • GRE's Exclusive Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking
  • GRE's Exclusive Digital AGC
  • The Best Subaudible Squelch Decoder in the Scanning Industry
  • High Speed PC Interface
  • Powerful Spectrum Sweeper
  • Real-time Signal Strength Indicator 
  • Trunking Control Data Output
  • High Contrast LCD Display 
  • SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting 
  • SKYWARN Storm Spotter Functionality 
  • Sleek, Compact Case Design with Large Speaker



Additional details:

Frequency Coverage

25-54, 108-136.99166, 137-174, 216.0025-512, 764-781.996875, 791-796-996875, 806-960 (excluding cellular bands), 1240-1300 MHz

Receive mode


Frequency step

3.125, 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 25 kHz

Scanning Rate

55 channels per second

Search Rate

90 steps per second

Receiving system

Trip conversion PLL synthesize super-heterodyne

Antenna Impedance

50 ohms

Audio Output

250 mW 8 ohms

Power requirement

6 VDC (4 AA cells)

Current drain

170 mA nominal (Squelched) at 5V DC

Operating temperature

14 to 140 deg. F (-10 to 60 deg. C)

Dimension (HWD)

2.56 x 5.71 x 1.65 inches


8.5 ounces (240 g)

 Included Accessories

USB Data Cable, Antenna, Belt Clip, CD-Rom Media, AC Adapter, Quick Start Guide

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