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Apple Airport Amplifier

aFire - Apple Airport Extreme Base Station Amplifier!!
RadioLabs offers a new solution for dramatically increasing the range of the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station and G5. This unique design not only boosts the signal of the Airport to 1/2 watt, but is designed to activate the antenna jack.!

Antenna Details
Apple Airport Extreme amplifier antenna.
Add a smokin 1/2-Watt of power to your Apple Airport Extreme or G5.
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RP-SMA Connector
RP-SMA Connector output on the top of the amplifier allows connection to any RadioLabs Antenna for long range networking.


  • Bi-directional amplifier for IEEE 802.11B, G and Super G
  • The only amplifier / antenna combination to activate the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station!
  • Automatic gain control to minimize the signal distortion on all access points.
  • High Power transmit level, 500mW (or +27dBm)
  • Low noise amplifier with system noise figure 2.5dB
  • 110 volt - 6.5VDC power adapter for operation from wall current.
  • Industry standard RP-SMA connector on amplifier.
  • Sturdy aluminum chassis with integrated heat-sink
  • Power, Receive and transmit diagnostic lights.

Direct plug in with Apple Airport Extreme Connector for instant connectivity.

MCX connector

aFire - Apple Airport amplifierLight your Apple on Fire!

The simplest solution to boost the output of the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station and the G5 tower!

The newest addition to RadioLabs product line is a dramatic boost for Apple products, especially the Airport Extreme Base Station and G5 Mac! A smokin' 1/2 watt amplifier, combined with a 5.5 dB flexible antenna for instant long range wireless connections.

Simple plug and play installation - Two easy connections are all that is required and you can boost the range of your Apple Airport Extreme or G5 Mac. You can bust through walls, obtain range you never had before and get your wireless signal, exactly where you want it. The AC adapter is a simple plug in to 110 VAC or you can order the 12 volt mobile adapter separately, please contact us for details

Most 1/2 watt wireless amplifiers cost over $300. Due to a very unique design, small amplifier module and cutting edge wireless amplifier design, RadioLabs is able to sell this for only $149.95!!!

RadioLabs aFire amplifier has a 4 foot cable for remote mounting on your desktop, or up on a wall to increase line of sight distance and get the amplifier/antenna away from other sources of interference.

The MCX type connector on the 4-foot cable fits the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station and the G5 tower. Put this in place of the "T" antenna on the G5 and you have instant amplification to access points up to 1 mile away if placed line of sight with the access point.

RadioLabs 1-Mile Guarantee! - Put this amplifier in a window and we guarantee the range to be one mile line of sight.

This 1/2 watt amplifier works at B or G speeds and includes a transmit and receive amplifier with amazing performance.

Of course, the Apple Airport Extreme is not included.

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Model #AFIRE500
- Wireless Range Extender -
Amplifier Specifications
Frequency Band 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
802.11 specifications 802.11B, G and Super G compatible
Signal Type DSSS - Multimode
Receiver Specifications
RX Max. Input Power -10 dBm
RX Power Gain
20 dB
Transmitter Specifications
TX Input Power 0 ~ +20 dBm
TX Power Gain 13 dB
TX Linear output Power 500 mW / +27 dBm
TX/RX Switch Time < 1µsec
User Interface
Diagnostic LED

Power = Green
Transmit = Red
Receive = Yellow

Power Requirements
DC Supply Voltage 6.5 VDC thru included adapter
Current Consumption 550 mA maximum during TX
Mechanical Specifications
RF Connector Type MCX Input/RP-SMA Output
Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ +40 °C Guaranteed specs.
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