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Bullet-Omni WiFi Antenna

Bullet-Omni 8 Kit- Access Point / Client
The Bullet-Omni 8Kit is a very versatile kit. This application allows you to create a second Wifi signal inside or outside of a building or lock on to an already existing WiFi hotspot that can then be reproduced at a secondary location..

Antenna Details
High Gain WiFi Antenna

Bullet Omni 8 Kit with 25 ft Ethernet Cable

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Bullet Omni 8 Kit with 50 ft Ethernet Cable

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Bullet Omni 8 Kit Includes:

  • Bullet Wireless Platforms
  • 8dBi Omni Directional Antenna
  • 12v POE Injectors for Bullet
  • 25' or 50' RJ-45 Ethernet cable
  • 2ft Coax Cable
  • Free Coax Seal
  • Free Antenna Mounting Hardware


Bullet Access Point Guide

Bullet Client Guide


Bullet-Omni 8 Kit AP/Client

- The Bullet paired with the 8dB Omni antenna as an Access Point - Setup and integration into your existing system or home network is as simple as can be. Simply attach the Bullet to the 2.4Ghz 8dBI antenna with the integrated N-Male connector, connect the included POE injector with any standard CAT-5 Ethernet cable and the Bullet is ready to connect to your existing LAN network (wireless router). This will allow you to create a new signal separate from your already existing router.

Fully weather-proof and powered via POE (power-over-ethernet), the Bullet along with the antenna produces a secondary signal separate from the primary router.  This allows you to extend your signal to areas inside and/or outside where your wireless network is not able to reach.

- The Bullet paired with an 8dB Omni antenna as a Wireless Client- With the Bullet attached to the 8dB antenna you can now connect to an already existing LAN network and rebroadcast at a different location. Simply attach the antenna to the Bullet, run ethernet cable from the Bullet to the back of a router/access point and you now have a LAN connection at the second location.

The Bullet - High Speed Wireless Platform provides more than 600mW (+ 28dBm) of output power (over 10 times the power of a standard off the shelf wireless router or bridge). This high power output, when combined with a high gain antenna, allows for much longer range and greater connectivity.


The Bullet Access Point

Bullet AP Diagram

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Device Specifications
IEEE Communication Protocols 802.11B / 802.11G / 802.11N / 802.3
Frequency Band 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
System Information Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS 4KC, 180MHz
Memory Information: 16MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash
Regulatory/Compliance Information

Wireless Approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210

RoHS Compliance Yes
2.4Ghz Receiver Specifications
Receive Sensitivity (Typical)

-83dBm (+/-2dB) @ 24Mbps
-80dBm (+/-2dB) @ 36Mbps
-77dBm (+/-2dB) @ 48Mbps
-75dBm (+/-2dB) @ 54Mbps

-96dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS0
-95dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS1
-92dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS2
-90dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS3
-86dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS4
-83dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS5
-77dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS6
-74dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS7

Transmitter Specifications
Avg TX Power 22dBm - 28dBm (-/+ 2dBm)
TX Linear output Power 600 mW / +28 dBm
Channels 11 for North America, 14 for Japan, 13 for Europe, 2 for Spain, 4 for France
TX/RX Switch Time < 1µsec
Channel Width Up to 40Mhz
User Interface
Diagnostic LED

Power: ON/OFF - Transmit/Receive -
Signal Strength Indicator

Configuration Interface
Configuration via web browser - no software required. Firmware : AirOs V5
Power Requirements
DC Supply Voltage

15V .8A via included POE injector.

Max Power Consumption 7 Watts
Wireless Security and available network security features IEEE802.1x / RADIUS Client (EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLS)-AP mode
WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access
PSK (Pre shared key) with 64/128-bit WEP Key
EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLS authenticator (AP Mode)
MAC address filtering (WLAN)
Hide SSID in beacons
Layer 2 Isolation
Mechanical Specifications
Data Connector Type RJ-45 10/100 Category 5
RF Connector Type Integrated N-type Male Jack (connects directly to antenna)
Enclosure Characteristics Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
Enclosure Size 15.2cm. length x 3.1 cm. height x 3.7cm. width
Weight 0.18kg (enclosure only)
Operating Temperature -40C to +80C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Condensing
Omni 8 WiFi Antenna
Frequency Range
2400~2485 MHz
<1.4 @ 100MHz bandwidth
50 Ω
8 dBi
Omni directional
Vertical - 360° omni-directional
Horizontal 360°
Vertical 6°


2.1 pounds (976 grams)


16" (406mm)
Item # BO8KIT-25
Price: $239.95
Item # BO8KIT-50
Price: $249.95
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