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WiFi - WRE1000MW

RadioLabs Inc. WRE1000MW - WiFi Range Booster
Extend your wireless Wifi signal with the newest product to the RadioLabs inventory. This simple plug and play Wifi Amplifier is the easiest way to extend and amplify your Wifi signal.

Antenna Details

Wifi Signal Booster
2-watt wireless amplifier

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  • Bi-directional (TX and RX) amplifier for IEEE 802.11B/G
  • Simply plug and play.
  • Stronger output power improves the link quality and coverage
  • Analog Gain control and Power control
  • Magnetic base to attach to any metallic surface.
  • No software or configuration needed
  • Compatible with any wireless device with a removable antenna
  • Reverse SMA Antenna connector for use with high gain external antennas
  • Small device footprint

Needing to get your Wifi signal that extra length? Got a home or office setting that your Wifi signal just can't reach that certain area? You need the newest Wifi amplifier on the market. You need the WRE1000MW.

With the WRE1000MW you will be able to reach those harder to reach areas. Just simply connect the device to an existing router or Wifi device with a removable antenna jack and plug into a 110 outlet. You will instantly see an increase in Wifi range and reception.

The WRE1000MW takes the signal from the antenna jack and amplifies it through the booster for a potential increase in range of up to 250% - 300% . Providing superior coverage over most Wifi producing devices.

Creating a greater range can also help create a better network speed. Adding the WRE1000MW to your existing wireless network will increase your network speed if you are running slow due a weak signal.

Note: These wireless amplifiers are FCC compliant with low gain licensed 802.11 antennas, ham radio operators, military, and export applications. Please check local regulations prior to ordering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wifi Antenna Amplifier Booster is not compatible with our High Power Access Points, Wave Magnum High Power USB Adapter, WaveRv II Long Range Adapter or any wireless device that produces over 100 milliwatts (+20dBm) output power. Connecting the WRE1000MW to any device over this power level will damage the amplifier's circuitry and void all warranties. Please contact us if you are unsure of your device's power output.

Package Contents -
he WRE1000MW wifi antenna amplifier booster comes with the Booster Amplifier, AC Power adapter, 7dBi Rubberduck antenna and a 6 inch pigtail adapter cable.

If a longer cable is needed to attach AMP to router, one can be made at your request.

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Model# WRE1000MW
Wifi Range Booster Amplifier
Operating Conditions
Temperature Range
Normal: 0°C ~ 55°C
10% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C ambient temperature
Transmitter Specifications
TX Input Gain 1~19 dBm
User Interface
LED Lights

Power = Blue
Transmit = Blue

Power Requirements
DC Supply Voltage DC 5V 1A
Mechanical Specifications
RF Connector Type Reverse SMA
Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ +55 °C
Electrical Conditions
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz
Package Contents 1. Wifi Booster Unit
2. AC 110v Adapter
3.7dBi Rubberduck antenna
4. 6 inch adapter pigtail cable
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