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Kaito Radios
Kaito is the newest receiver manufacturer to offer a complete line of AM/FM and shortwave portable receivers. With the quality of their manufacturing, excellent features and low cost, we will see a lot more from this company in the future.


Kaito 1103 AM/FM full coverage Shortwave receiver

When you purchase a Kaito 1103, you don't get just a radio, you get an entire radio package! The Kaito 1103 is an incredible receiver for under $100! According to one of our customers, they have compared their KA1103 with other radios that he owned, some of them costing over $200 and the 1103 is now the only radio that he uses. We have heard similar comments from a lot of people who purchased this receiver and were extremely impressed with this little radio. It's the perfect travel portable! click here...

Kaito 1103 AM-FM-Shortwave

Kaito KA1103 WorldBand Receiver

Available in 2 different colors!
Advanced digital receiver.

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Kaito KA1102 AM/FM and full coverage Shortwave receiver

The best value in a small portable radio with SSB capability. This is an excellent receiver with great sensitivity. We simply cannot believe the features in this radio, especially for about $100!!

The KA1102 has a whopping 190 memory channels and even comes with rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and an AC adapter. Plug the radio in and the batteries automatically charge. What an excellent and unique feature! The FM Broadcast band even starts at 70MHz. For more information on this radio, click here...

Kaito Worldband Receiver

Kaito KA1102 WorldBand Receiver

Available in 2 different colors!
Black and Silver

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Kaito 1101 AM/FM/SW Receiver

The Kaito 1101 is a highly sensitive AM/FM/SW receiver. The FM reception is excellent with the whip antenna and you can even connect an external antenna. AM reception is also impressive, and the sound quality of the 2 1/2 inch speaker is great on music and talk radio. The selectivity on this radio is very unique since you are able to tune in to FM frequencies down to 70.0 MHz. This allows you to pull in some very interesting college radio and a myriad of other programs. More Details....

Kaito 1101 AM/FM/SW

Kaito 1101 AM/FM/SW Receiver
Excellent performance for the price

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KA105 Aluminum case world band receiver
Excellent Value!

Slightly larger than a cassette tape, the KA105 is a feature packed portable for travel or everyday use. This small portable has an attractive, and sturdy all aluminum case. It has excellent performance on AM, FM and SW bands and is a must have for the business traveler.

30 memory presets and coverage of the most popular shortwave bands make this an excellent, must have radio for personal use, or a great gift. This level of performance has never been seen at this price. More Details....

Kaito Ultra-Small AM/FM/SW

Small, compact AM, FM, Shortwave Radio
Excellent Value for a small receiver

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Small Emergency radio with Weather band.

Powered by 4 different sources, Wind-up, Solar, batteries and AC adapter (included) the Kaito KA007 is an excellent all-around radio for daily use or put it in the closet in the unlikely event of emergencies or power failure. The best feature of this radio, and why we feel it is the best emergency radio, is the included Weather Band receive. We feel that this is a must have feature in an emergency radio.

The U.S. military has ordered over 75,000 of these radios. Click here to Learn More

Emergency Radio with WX Band
Emergency radio with Weather Band
Best all purpose Emergency Radio
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