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RadioLabs carries a complete selection of High-End, specialty and portable receivers. If you don't see a brand, make or model that you are interested in, please contact us for pricing and availability.


AM - FM Radios

We offer a diverse selection of AM/FM radios. We have selected these models based on performance, price and ease of use. Please take a look at these unique and interesting AM/FM radios. We are especially impressed with the Sangean Wooden radio, and you can read our review here. If you are a HiFi enthusiast, take a look at our one-of-a-kind Vaccum Tube Stereo Amplifier.

Sangean Wooden Radio
Kaito Wind-up Radio
Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier

Shortwave Radios

We offer a variety of shortwave radios that are designed to please both novice and technical users. Kaito has excellent radios for the money, and the quality is great. Grundig has been making quality shortwave receivers for many years, and we are proud to offer a selection of Grundig radios. We also offer Sangean receivers, including the impressive ATS-909. If you currently own a Sangean or Grundig receiver, you might be interested in our radio repair services. We also have user manuals available for download. If you have digital copies of your user manual that you would like to share with others, please contact us.
Grundig Yacht Boy 400
Grundig AM/FM/SW Radio
Kaito 1102
Kaito Emergency Radio
Kaito 105
Kaito 1101
Sangean ATS-909

Police Scanners

At Radiolabs, we really enjoy listening to scanners. It was only natural for us to offer a variety of quality Uniden scanners . We have base units and handheld units that let you keep on top of your local events.
Uniden BC-250D
Uniden BC-796
Uniden BC-80

Two Way Radios

2-Way radio remains an exciting and useful tool. Our 2-Way radios are an excellent testament to the quality workmanship of Kenwood.
RadioLabs Exclusive Radio Products

RadioLabs is proud to offer the Super 909, which is light years ahead of the current ATS-909. Check our modifications page often since we are currently engineering mods to Grundig and Sony receivers.
Super 909
Modification Order Form

RadioLabs Super 909

  • The best Sangean Shortwave radio is now even better
  • Every customized Super 909 is built to order
  • Tuning Detent
  • Increased AM/SW Reception
  • Blue LCD
  • FM/SW External Antenna Jack
  • We can also modify your 909 into a Super 909
RadioLabs Low Price:

Sangean WR-1 Radio

  • The ultimate hi-fi table-top radio without the high price tag
  • Stylish wooden cabinet & 7 watts of tailored audio creates a robust sound
  • Impressive AM/FM sensitivity

Sangean WR1
RadioLabs low Price:
$109.95 $99.95
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