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Sangean WR-1 Radio

Sangean WR-1 Radio
The Sangean WR-1 Radio provides excellent sound quality. The Sangean WR-1 has the best audio of any radio of its size and the AM and FM reception is excellent.

Product Details

Sangean WR-1 Radio

You just can’t beat a wooden cabinet when it comes to audio quality! Plastic cabinets react differently to bass response and are not as efficient because they are not made of solid material like wood. Plastic expands slightly from increasing sound pressure levels due to the expanding air pressure. Wood is a much more dense material and therefore does not expand….This equals mega-bass response and greater mid-frequency audio response. Oh, and if you are not technical, this means that a wood cabinet and seven watts of tailored audio will sound awesome on music and crisp on talk radio!

The WR-1 is one of the simplest receivers to operate. The 3 controls on the front panel provide a clean design and make the radio easy to use. The analog tuning knob is tight and accurate, The volume control is crisp and has the correct resistance when turned. The band switch is a simple OFF/AM/FM rotary switch with a tight feel. FM reception is excellent and AM reception is better than its competitors.

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  Sangean WR-1 Radio is part of a long tradition of high quality AM/FM and SW receivers from Sangean. RadioLabs is proud to sell Sangean's excellent products at discount prices.
  • AM/FM Bands
  • Wooden cabinet made of MDF in real Cherry or Walnut or other optional wood veneer
  • Soft and Precision tuning
  • Rotary tuning and volume controls
  • Tuning LED indicator
  • Band indicator
  • Detachable Power cord
  • Headphone socket
  • REC out
  • Aux in socket to connect with other audio source (e.g. CD player)
  • 3 inches 7 W full range speaker with enlarged magnet
  • Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass
  • External AM antenna terminal
  • Internal/External FM antenna switch
  • 9-14 Voltage power adaptor socket for vehicle power
  • WxHxD in mm: 9.5" x 4.5" x 6.0"
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
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