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Road Trip with the RadioLabs Ultimate Mobile Kit.
Went roaming around Southern California with WiFi equipped, had fun, sent email, surf'd the web and just had fun.... You can find thousands of free wireless access points, here are some pointers!
By Chris Justice
December 12th, 2004

Long Range Mobile WiFi
200mW output and 8dB gain!! The highest gain antenna and notebook card package, without using an amplifier. The RadioLabs Ultimate Mobile Wifi kit is perfect for the WiFi Warrior. More...
War-Driving On I-5 L.A.
Downtown WiFi
Twin Towers Century City
War Travelling in downtown Los Angeles!
Lot's of office space in downtown LA!!
Twin Towers in L.A.
Driving up Interstate 5 out of Los Angeles, there were more wireless access points than I could count!
View of Downtown Los Angeles from the Coffee shop. Lots of Wireless!
Tall Skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles have one heck of a line of sight. I have never received so many signals in one area!

Well, this week I had the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles, loaded for bear and totally WiFi enabled with the Ultimate Mobile WiFi kit, what a neat learning experience!

At the moment I am writing this, I am on Interstate 5 between L.A. and Sacramento, but what’s strange; I’m in the middle of nowhere and still picking up access points all over the place. There are literally thousands and thousands of access points between Sacramento and Los Angeles, some of them free access points, some of them secure or pay access points…. They are everywhere! I can’t believe how many people own wireless routers in the Los Angeles area! I have found so many humorous SSID names that people have chosen. Ok, what else do you do as a passenger in a car for 7 hours but play with geek toys!

The range is tremendous and just the sheer amount of access points I am able to pickup is absolutely mind boggling, because I am traveling at 70 MPH in the car. (No, relax, someone else is driving, but the road is so straight and boring that I think I could write and drive at the same time if given the task) I have sent and received email from numerous free access points at hotels, gas stations and just about everywhere and been able to obtain a signal. Some of the routers are secured, but WiFi is getting so popular that there are numerous free connection points available that it takes very little time to find a completely free access point. I am so glad that these services are available and If I ever desire to travel to some of these places, I will keep them on my must stay at or visit list, your services are greatly appreciated to us computer/WiFi roaming geeks. The only thing I do wish is that I could surf the web with it while driving, but maybe someday WIMAX or some new technology will be available that will allow us poor passengers to surf the web, do online work or even play online gaming.

The Senao high-powered cards are excellent! I don’t know how I lived without this card before! The sensitivity and sheer “Punch” this card delivers is so impressive to say the least. Add one of these cards in the side of your notebook and plug the RadioLabs “Mobile-7” antenna’s connector into one of the 2 antenna connectors and you will be absolutely amazed at what you pick up.

I can literally receive standard access points at over 2 miles, and the most impressive part, I can actually get the truck stop’s access points out to over 7 miles! Now that is some totally impressive range!

I had a meeting in downtown Century City (Downtown Los Angeles) and plugged the “RadioLabs Secret Weapon” antenna into the card (this will be a retail version of a new ultra high-performance portable antenna developed by RadioLabs) and was able to pick up over 30 access points on the first try. If I moved locations slightly I saw over 50 access points pop up in the wireless software! I have never seen that before and probably won’t see it again. The signal strength to all of these access points were excellent! I have to give Senao A LOT of credit on the wonderful job they did on the Senao chipset! We are really proud to carry their well designed card and the most impressive fact is the sheer output power.

If you are simply looking to get a solid internet connection at the maximum distance possible, this combination cannot be beat!


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