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At RadioLabs, we design, market, sell and repair radios and radio related products, with a special emphasis in the science and art of RF and radio circuitry, antennas and receivers. We are experienced with all facets of radio, are avid wireless users and radio listeners, as well.

RadioLabs was founded by the Justice Family. The roots of the family's radio experience go as far back as 1974 with a deep love of radio, including shortwave DXing, scanner monitoring, and HAM radio operation. All areas of radio were explored resulting in a drive for crafting and using better and better equipment. What started out as a hobby has blossomed into a passion for wireless, radios and solid engineering, and modifications to existing equipment to get the best performance with the equipment that we fell in love with.

RadioLabs has a staff of professionals that encompass all aspects of radio and wireless design. From the initial concept; to release into the market, we are able to handle every step along the way, with a dedication to quality, cost, and craftsmanship. Our technicians boast knowledge of virtually all major radio circuitry, and are encouraged to specialize in individual areas as well. Our Research and Development Engineer, Chris Justice is well versed in taking a design from concept and bringing it into the market as a finished product. Our marketing and design resources will create a solid and appealing finished product that, first and foremost, stands apart on functionality and appeal, and is directed into the best venue to get into the hands of the consumer.

The Justice Family and RadioLabs take great pride in offering the finest for our customers. The bottom line for us, is to pass along the love of radio and information that travels without wires. It has brought so much to us all, we are happy to be able to share it with others.

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