802.11AC WiFi – Fast Wireless Mode

What is 802.11AC WiFi?

802.11AC wifi, is the latest wireless standard, allowing for dual-band transfer of WiFi across the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands.

This blazing fast 802.11AC WiFi speed, is a combination of both 802.11a and 802.11N protocols combined, transferring simultaneously. Both Router, and wifi card must simultaneously provide AC connections to achieve such speeds.

Routers or Access Points, must simultaneously transmit in both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz modes, as well as wide band OFDM protocol, and both WiFi Router, and WiFi Client (notebook card or compatible radio connecting to AC Router) must be capable of AC transmission speeds to achieve this speed. You cannot have AC Speeds, across an older wireless network, and an 802.11N, or A, single band card, cannot connect to an AC router alone to achieve this. Router or Access Point, and the remote end (WiFi Card) must both be capable of 802.11AC Dual band transmission modes.

Saleo2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!o2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!

o2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!

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The most powerful, Sensitive, WiFi router in the industry. The o2Air-Go, is the highest power, 1-watt output router, with Trusted, non-Chinese based Atheros processor, designed to give your home, office, or business the power and range required for the best, long range WiFi performance in the industry. This powerful Mu-MiMo, 2800mbps router, gives you the power and flexibility of endless network configuration required by even the most demanding home or office requirements. This will be the last router you need, for a VERY long time.

SaleHigh Power 802.11 AC USB WiFi CardHigh Power 802.11 AC USB WiFi Card

High Power 802.11 AC USB WiFi Card

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The new, Wave Stealth AC – After 1 year in development, we release the Highest Power 802.11AC card in the market. 7 times more power and range than ordinary wifi cards, the Wave Stealth offers BLAZING FAST 1200 MBPS connect, at ranges farther than anything offered before.. by anyone.

OUT OF STOCK802.11AC High Power WiFi Router – 1 Watt802.11AC High Power WiFi Router – 1 Watt

802.11AC High Power WiFi Router – 1 Watt


The New, Revolutionary o2Air-AC, 802.11AC long range, high power router, is a highly advanced network gateway router, that is the centerpiece of your network. With long range and blazing fast networking speeds, the O2Air makes network lag and streaming high resolution video delay a thing of the past.

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