What is a WiFi Access Point? How is it Different from a WiFi router?

The terms “Access Point” and “WiFi Router” are constantly used for the same reason. This term is usually used incorrectly, because there is a significant difference. While the two devices usually emit a WiFi Signal and you connect devices to them both, they serve totally different purposes.

WiFi Router – What is it?

A WiFi Router, can be thought of, as the Air Traffic controller of the network system. There should only be one primary router in any network system. Whether you are using a home router, or it’s a large corporation, it will need a router in its network. This router, is responsible for assigning each and every device on the network  its own unique ID (IP Address). It also tells that device how much traffic it can receive, where it gets its internet from and will allow or reject that device. There are a lot of functions a router does in a system, including protect you from intruders. A router generally has a WAN port connection on the rear allowing incoming internet from the world, as well as a Firewall that protects all devices on that network. RadioLabs High power routers, not only provide excellent firewall, but also have excellent WiFi Range. Our unique, high power, long range WiFi routers, usually have 5 – 15x more power and range than our competitor’s routers. Our high power, long range WiFi Routers, are not the fastest on the market nor do they need to be. The more speed, the lower the signal and the lower the range. All WiFi routers with ultra fast speed, have to substantially sacrifice Power and Range, for faster speeds.

As a rule, all Routers are not WiFi enabled, but all Access Points are WiFi enabled. A router can usually be configured to shut off all network traffic and disable the routing function as long as a router is working in the network. A router’s DHCP can be easily disabled, at which point you need to fill in the “Default Gateway” and “Primary DNS” functions. This function alone usually

WiFi Access Point – What is it and how is it different?

A WiFi Access Point, is a device that simply accepts a wired connection from a device that is connected to a Router (See Above) and then transmits a WiFi Signal, allowing Wireless / WiFi devices to connect. An Access Point is not responsible for providing any routing, nor is it responsible for controlling network traffic. An Access Point is simply responsible for connecting additional WiFi enabled devices to the same network. These devices can be indoors, as an extension to the network, or, outdoors, such as a full property outdoor Access Point. Other devices connect to an AP allowing for buildings or other locations being bridged to it.

Our high power outdoor access points, allow both WiFi enabled devices, such as laptops, tablets, security cameras or cellphones to connect via WiFi to the main network system, but they can also be placed into WDS Bridge Mode and Access Point mode simultaneously, allowing for a large network to be created extending your WiFi network to other buildings, shops, garages, barns or any outbuilding joining on.

An Access Point, sends and receives WiFi signal to and from remote devices, while simultaneously directing that device towards the router. These settings, such as Default Gateway, Subnet and Primary DNS, usually point back towards the main control Router. All Access Points have WiFi, whereas all routers do not. In many ways, you can think of an Access Point, as merely being a programmable switch in a wired network, but with some configuration. Access Points will never issue IP Addresses, and generally don’t provide a firewall or Quality of Service (QOS) protocol. They are simply a Network device that uses 1 IP Address in the network, then forwards all WiFi or Bridge Traffic back to the router.

GS-5000-Pro -Non Line of Sight 5 GHz Wireless Bridge- Dual Band


The Ultimate, long range 5 GHz Wireless Bridge. The RadioLabs Dual Band, Dual Radio, 5 GHz NLOS bridge, with high performance, 2.4 GHz AP / Client / Bridge. The NEW RadioLabs GS-5000 PRO, is a high performance, 5 GHz NLOS bridge system, with dedicated high speed Chipset, allowing the highest user adjustable output power, of -30dbm (1 Watt) transmitter power, coupled with the most sensitive receiver in it’s class. In testing, the GS-5000PRO, outperformed the original, famous RadioLabs GS-5800 Non Line of Sight bridge, in sheer receiver power, transmit power, sensitivity and speed. With the latest WiFi-5, next generation Qualcomm Atheros processor, Wireless linking speeds of 867 MBPS are possible, along with an entirely separate 2.4 GHz WiFi radio and chipset, the GS-5000 Pro, is like having 2 high performance bridges in one. You can do anything possible, from creating a Client link on 2.4, to another router, bridging through our 5 GHz high performance bridge, 5 miles, then, output as an Access Point, to link cameras. 

Wireless Point to Point Bridge -300MBPS | Connect WiFi to any building!


The ZipBridge2.4, is an amazingly, Simple, FULLY CONFIGURED, Plug and Play Reliable Wireless Bridge System. RadioLabs’ NEW, ZipBridge, Point to Point Wireless Bridge, allows you to use one internet connection, and get internet to any outbuilding, shop, garage, barn or home on your property, instantly reducing broadband costs! The ZipBridge2.4, is a high performance, wireless/WiFi, 300 MBPS, MiMo, digital internet/true network bridge system, specifically designed to provide a powerful, self-tuning WiFi link to any building on your property, at ranges up to 3 miles Line of Sight. The ZipBridge, is the easiest WiFi bridge system in the market to install. It arrives at your door, working out of the box because our technicians custom program it for your own network. This is the fastest wireless bridge on the market and bridging speeds above 300MBPS on 2.4 GHz are not possible. Compared to any bridge in it’s price range, there’s no comparison in the market on a true, dedicated wireless bridge, pre-configured, plug and play! There is no faster, pre-configured bridge system on the market! Avoid high IT costs, or a complex setup process our competitors offer! Now you can cut the cost of all your cable or DSL bills to any building on your property! Give us your router’s IP, we do the rest! Find your Home WiFi router’s IP Address HERE!

Outdoor Access Point High Power – 12db Omni WiFi Antenna kit

Outdoor Access Point High Power – 12db Omni WiFi Antenna kit


Outdoor WiFi Access Point – 12dB Omni kit – Creating a high power outdoor Access Point can be a difficult task. You select the components you think will create a stable, high speed WiFi Access Point, join it to your network, and find out  you have inadequate coverage, or don’t have the WiFi Speed, or WiFi devices can’t reach the outdoor WiFi access point. Creating a stable Wireless AP is a difficult task. Performance will vary radically depending on components you choose. Or, you create a high power access point, only to find out that the receiver on the device you selected is not sensitive enough to receive weak signals from low power devices. Well, with over 1-1/2 decades of WiFi experience with every wifi product known to man, RadioLabs is proud to release the only WiFi Access point you ever need for RV Parks, Marinas, Farms, ranches, large properties with acreage. Every single device is selected for a specific purpose and we present the best performance complete package for our customers. The RadioLabs o2Surf Outdoor Access Point System. The only public or private access point you need.

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