Non-Line-of-Sight – Wireless Bridge Link

NLOS – Near, or Non Line of sight, is a common wireless bridge terminology which is used to describe a situation where perfect observable line of sight, without obstructions is not present.

RadioLabs’ has Designed and specialized in NLOS (Non or Near Line of Sight) Wireless Bridges 2 Decades.

Over the years, a substantial amount of disinformation has been spread in the wireless community, regarding the “Best Band for Non Line of Sight”, stating that 5 GHz will not work and that you need 900 mhz. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. RadioLabs’ has specialized in NLOS (non or near line of sight) wireless bridging, for over 15 years. The 900mhz bridge systems we use to sell, before the Ban by the FCC, were already being phased out, due to much better technology being offered using both 2.4 GHz NLOS Bridges, as well our Superior NLOS Circular, or multi-polarization technology on the 5 to 6 GHz band for NLOS Wireless Bridging.

Antenna Technology and design for Non Line of Sight Bridge Systems

The frequency used, is not as critical as RadioLabs’ NLOS Technology, using either circular polarization, and phase steering, combined with the latest multi-polarization technology used. We can’t speak for our competition, but I’m guessing other company’s bridges have failed in this category, as they’re using older single polarization technology, which probably won’t penetrate obstructions as well. Sure, that might be the case and others have failed trying it. If RadioLabs is consulted about their particular Non-Line-of-Sight path, and our engineers can look this path up, we will tell you YES, or NO, if it will or won’t work. The last thing we ever want, is to sell a customer a bridge, put them through the tedious task of setting their bridge system up, and finding out that it was a waste of time, money and resources. Then, we have to refund a bridge which comes back used, not able to sell it again, and having to rework the entire system. We do not do business like that. NLOS is our speciality, we’ve been doing it so long, we are the industry experts at it.

RadioLabs’ offers many Non Line of Sight solutions both in 2.4, as well as our specialty, the 5-6 GHz band. Many of our dual band, dual radio bridges, have fantastic results, with high signal strengths, at remarkable distances, up to 7 miles, skimming trees reported. Call us, or get on our chat if you have a question about our bridges and NLOS capabiltity giving us your exact bridge locations. We will tell you. We have nearly a 100% success rate, with every single bridge we’ve recommended for penetrating trees, foliage minor buildings, etc. The ONLY benefit the 900 Mhz band ever had over our higher frequency bridges, was when a terrain or hill was obstructing the path. 900 MHz was only superior in that one instance. 

What is NLOS? – Is my application Non or Near Line of sight?

Depending on the type of wireless bridge, antennas which use traditional V/H polarization, “old-school” technology, have very poor performance when the signal has to penetrate through any type of obstruction at all, including even a couple of trees, the corner of a building with wood roof, or any single obstruction which is directly in the line of sight path. All Wireless/WiFi bridges, used traditional antenna technology, which was very susceptible to any obstruction in the way, either radically reducing, or completely killing the signal between a wireless path. Even a couple trees between the two locations, presented such a major obstruction, that the wireless/WiFi bridge signal at both sides, was completely obstructed and the bridge link instantly cut, providing little if any signal to both sides of the link.

SaleFast 300 MBPS Wireless Bridge Kit – MiMo WiFi SystemFast 300 MBPS Wireless Bridge Kit – MiMo WiFi System

Fast 300 MBPS Wireless Bridge Kit – MiMo WiFi System


A blazing fast Wireless Bridge System, coupled with RadioLabs NLOS technology and a HUGE 1-watt output power, ultra sensitive Atheros based receiver in the GS-3000, can send and receive blazing fast 300 MBPS, Non line of sight internet, for cameras or data over distances surpassing past 5 miles. The 15dB NLOS MIMO panel antennas, with built-in high power long range Atheros based architecture, allow speeds never before possible with other equipment. Ability to stream up to 20 or more 4k HD cameras, or massive internet connection speeds. This is the highest power bridge in the industry, with up to 10x more power, than low cost Chinese manufactured bridges.

5 GHz Bridge- Long Range NLOS Wireless Bridge5 GHz Bridge- Long Range NLOS Wireless Bridge

5 GHz Bridge- Long Range NLOS Wireless Bridge


Simply the BEST, long range, extremely reliable Near or Non Line of Sight 5-6 GHz, adjustable bridge system ever made. Phenomenal performance, extremely stable, powerful, long range 5 – 6 GHZ wireless bridge system. This amazing bridge kit, has been the most successful bridge ever developed, hands down. The GS-5800, 5.8 WiFi / Wireless bridge system, is a high gain, commercial Non-Line-of-Sight bridge with 24dB integrated high gain antenna. Used in many high end commercial applications, the GS-5800 can be used as a backhaul, with adjustable packet and range adjustment from a few hundred feet, up to 40 miles or more. This high power bridge is the backbone of many high power wifi links, and utilized as a high gain point to point bridge in many commercial applications for data, internet, video or networking.
PLEASE NOTE: The GS-5800 NLOS Model, has been redesigned. A Much more powerful, Much faster, Dual Band, Dual Radio Bridge. The NEW RadioLabs GS-6200 – Non Line of Sight Bridge System is available now and shipping:

OUT OF STOCK900Mhz Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Bridge System900Mhz Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Bridge System

900Mhz Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Bridge System


A complete wireless bridge system that can handle the line-of-sight obstructions present in many network applications, RadioLabs is proud to introduce the 900mHz Wireless Bridge System. This wireless bridge system will provide network links through trees, buildings, and other obstructions that would generally completely reflect or absorb the signal in a higher frequency system.
Please see our GS-3000, 5000 or our GS-5800 NLOS bridge systems for your non line of sight application. 

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