Wireless point to point bridge system

Example, of a point to point bridge. Wifi / Wireless, going from a primary source, through directional antennas, linking 2 locations together

 Point to point Bridge – Introduction to wireless –

A point to point bridge, is a wireless link, which allows you to transmit data, or internet, from one location, to another in a seamless fashion. Wireless bridging, otherwise known as a “point to point bridge”, operates generally at high speed, with a wireless microwave transmitter on each side of the link.

A wireless point to point bridge, generally requires a fast microwave transmitter/receiver on each side, to transmit digital packets, from one location to another. The point to point link, also requires an antenna on each end, to allow data to transmit from one location to another.

WDS or “Wireless Distribution System” enabled bridge, allow for seamless data transfer, and makes up for error or losses in the digital transmission. All RadioLabs Bridges, contain and transfer data using this protocol, for all point to point systems.

SaleWireless Ethernet – WiFi Bridge | Complete WiFi SystemWireless Ethernet – WiFi Bridge | Complete WiFi System

Wireless Ethernet – WiFi Bridge | Complete WiFi System

New, High Performance, Long Range Bridge Kit, in a box, completely pre-configured, programmed by a technician here at RadioLabs. This powerful new  WiFi Bridge in a Box system from RadioLabs, includes everything you need, to extend your WiFi signal, from one location, to another, either sharing Internet with another office building, another house, or combining 2 of your own buildings where normal WiFi coverage just can’t connect. Provide broadband or networking, between any 2 locations, up to 5 miles away! We have sold thousands of these WiFi kits over the years and they are the most reliable bridge system on the market, hands down.

900Mhz Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Bridge System


A complete wireless bridge system that can handle the line-of-sight obstructions present in many network applications, RadioLabs is proud to introduce the 900mHz Wireless Bridge System. This wireless bridge system will provide network links through trees, buildings, and other obstructions that would generally completely reflect or absorb the signal in a higher frequency system.

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