WiFi Routers – Wireless System

A WiFi Router, is a wireless device, which provides 2 functions –
It is a router, which provides routing to and from devices which connect to it, and provides an IP Address to all devices to maintain routing to these devices, allowing for PC to PC connections, PC to cellular phone connections and provides all the desired routing in and out to the internet or WAN gateway.
You can think of a WiFi router as being the “air traffic controller” of your network system, providing internal routing to and from external devices and providing continuous command and control to deliver internet traffic, internal routing and internal transfer of video, website interface, and essentially anything to and from your wired or wireless devices. A good router, will seamlessly provide up to 253 network connections, seamlessly treating all WiFi connections as wired devices, allowing for port forwarding to and from any and all devices going to the internet, and also have a good firewall, providing security from external hackers into your system and keeping intruders out of your personal Data.
RadioLabs family of High Power WiFi routers are different than most. We provide EXCELLENT tools, with the ability of broadcasting a wifi signal further than our competitor’s WiFi enabled routers, and allowing tools to provide any function imaginable from a scheduler, to an external website blocking tool, even making it easy to provide dynamic DNS to outside sources to route your video cameras and NVR or DVR to the web, privately and securely. Our routers also offer the latest in WiFi security, allowing for even the most advanced WPA2 PSK, or Enterprise Radius server authentication, which is superior to most wifi traffic on the market. RadioLabs family of routers provide the speed, security and range needed for even the most demanding residential, home office, business or enterprise level wireless routing systems, even offering tools not found in $1200 access points offered.
A router is different than an Access Point and the two terms should not be confused, as an Access Point only provides WiFi access and does not provide any routing in a wireless system.

Saleo2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!o2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!

o2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!


The most powerful, Sensitive, WiFi router in the industry. The o2Air-Go, is the highest power, 1-watt output router, with Trusted, non-Chinese based Atheros processor, designed to give your home, office, or business the power and range required for the best, long range WiFi performance in the industry. This powerful Mu-MiMo, 2800mbps router, gives you the power and flexibility of endless network configuration required by even the most demanding home or office requirements. This will be the last router you need, for a VERY long time.

High Power 802.11 b/g/n Wireless – Wifi Router – o2Breeze


The O2Breeze is the latest in our O2 line of high power 802.11 WiFi routers. Providing 1 Watt (1000 milliwatts!) of RF output power, this unit is the highest output router legally available. If you need a high power N-Speed router with lots of coverage, this is the perfect networking unit for you.

SaleLong Range WiFi Router – o2Wind – High Power 300mbps

Long Range WiFi Router – o2Wind – High Power 300mbps


The O2Wind is the reliable, long range wifi workhorse of the RadioLabs product line.. At 1 Watt (1000 milliwatts!) this unit is the highest output router legally available. Used by NASA, in a high reliability, zero failure option application, the o2Wind performs both with speed, reliability and long range performance. If you need a high power router for lots of coverage, this is the unit for you. w/ NEW POE OUTPUT Capability!!

OUT OF STOCK802.11AC High Power WiFi Router – 1 Watt802.11AC High Power WiFi Router – 1 Watt

802.11AC High Power WiFi Router – 1 Watt


The New, Revolutionary o2Air-AC, 802.11AC long range, high power router, is a highly advanced network gateway router, that is the centerpiece of your network. With long range and blazing fast networking speeds, the O2Air makes network lag and streaming high resolution video delay a thing of the past.

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