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How does the WRE750MW Wifi Range Booster Amplifier work?
The Wifi Range Booster Amplifier is a 802.11B/G amplifier that operates on the 2.4Ghz band. It works by boosting the wifi signal of devices such as routers, access points, wifi cards (PCMCIA cards, PCI-Xpress, PCI cards)and USB Adapters. The custom-designed amplifier connects to the antenna jack of the wireless devices and boosts the signal. Its that easy. Simply connect the Wifi Range Booster Amplifier to wifi devices, plug the unit into a power source and you're done.

How do I connect the Wifi Range Booster Amplifier to my wireless device?
The Wifi Range Booster Amplifier connects to your wifi device with a pigtail adapter cable. You can only connect this amplifier to devices with an external antenna jack/removable antennas. If your wireless device does not have a removable antenna, you're out of luck. We suggest using an access point as a repeater (such as our O2Point Access Point or High Power Access Point 400) to boost the signal of a wireless device that does not have antenna jacks.

Can I connect the Wifi Range Booster Amplifier directly to my PC/laptop to boost my wifi range?
The WRE750MW Wifi Range Booster Amplifier is designed to connect to wifi devices with an external antenna jack or a removable antenna. Most laptops do not have an external antenna jack, so the Wifi Range Booster Amplifier will not work to boost your laptop's wifi range if you are currently using an internal wireless (built-in) card. We suggest using a Long Range USB Wifi Adapter such as the WaveRv II or our popular Wave Magnum High Power USB Antenna to boost your laptop's wifi range. In the case of PC's equipped with a integrated PCI card, the antenna can usually be removed to exposed an antenna jack. The Wifi Range Booster Amplifier can then be connected to this antenna jack.

Is the WRE750MW Wifi Range Booster Amplifier dangerous to operate because of it's high power output?
Not at all, the amount of power that the Wifi Range Booster Amplifier transmits, while high in respect to Wifi, is extremely low when you compare it to other sources of 2.4Ghz radio noise. Your standard microwave oven at 1000 watts, when running at full power, is going to radiate more power into one corndog than the WRE750MW will ever radiate. A 1000 watt microwave oven is transmitting over 1500 times the power of any wireless device, so there is nothing to worry about.

My wireless router has 2 removable antennas. Do I need 2 Wifi Range Booster Amplifiers to extend my wifi range?
No. For routers with 2 antennas, 95% of the time, you only need one WRE750MW to boost your wifi range. Most wireless routers that have two antennas (such as the Linksys WRT54G) have a main antenna and a diversity or "secondary" antenna. Most of the time, the secondary antenna isn't even being used and it if is, most of the wireless traffic or signals are being sent through the main antenna anyways so there is no need for two separate signal boosters.

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