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Lightning Protection

WiFi Antenna Lightning Protection
Protect yourself and your outdoor WiFi antenna with our lightning arrestor products. We offer bulkhead or regular mounts with replaceable gas discharge chambers.

Antenna Details
Lightning Protection
All of our Lightning Arrestors are for 100 MHz to 3 GHz operation with 350V discharge voltage and .2dB insertion loss
N-Female x N-Female Bulkhead N-Female x N-Female Bulkhead Mount
This type mounts on a solid surface
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N-Female x N-Male Bulkhead N-Male x N-Female Bulkhead Mount
This type mounts on a solid surface
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N-Female x N-Female Inline N-Female x N-Female Inline Mount
This type mounts in between 2 cables
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N-Female x N-Male Inline N-Male x N-Female Inline Mount
This type mounts in between 2 cables
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Lightning Protection

RadioLabs' lightning arrestor surge suppressors are strongly recommended for all outdoor WiFi antenna installations. A small investment in these protectors and an extra WiFi cable will protect your expensive wireless devices.

These lightning arrestors are gas discharge type surge suppressors for a quick response to electrical surges. When the voltage exceeds the discharge voltage, the surge suppressor instantly dumps the voltage safely to ground. They can withstand multiple lightning strikes.

Our lightning protectors are very high quality. The surge suppressors are constructed of an anodized aluminum housing. The connectors have bright nickel plated brass housings with gold plated pins and sockets for long life. These lightning arrestors come with an included wire lug for connecting a copper ground wire between the surge suppressor housing and a solid ground (pole, tower, etc.)

There are two styles available: A bulkhead mount style and an inline style. The bulkhead style is designed to be mounted to a solid surface, the inline style is designed to be mounted inline between two cable connections. If you need an extension cable please see our WiFi cables and connectors


  • Ultra Fast Gas Discharge
  • 0.4db Max Insertion Loss
  • 350V or 90V Breakdown Voltage
  • VSWR Better than 1.5:1
  • Passes DC voltage
  • 200W Operation
  • Standard or Bulkhead Mount Models Available

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Model #
Lightning Arrestors
Frequency Range 100 - 3000 MHz
Insertion Loss .1 - .4 dB
Typical: .2 dB
VSWR 1.5:1
DC Breakdown Voltage 350 V
90 V
Impulse Breakdown Voltage
(5KV/uS MAX)
1000 V
Impedance 50 OHM
Insulation Resistance 10000 Meg Ohm
Withstand Current 5000 A
Input Power 200 W
Operating Temperature -40 + 85 Deg C
Weight 3.6 (102) oz (g)
Dimensions (including connectors) 3.2” x 1.8” x 0.8” Inch
(81 x 46 x 20) (mm)
Warranty 1 year
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