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Atomic Alarm Clock

Atomic Alarm Clock & Thermometer

The Atomic Alarm Clock & Thermometer is an incredible device that always has the correct time and even let's you know when the temperature.

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Atomic Alarm Clock & Thermometer
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  • Automatic time and date receiving function (12 / 24 hour format)
  • Manual time setting
  • Alarm & snooze function
  • Instant temperature (°C / °F selectable)
  • Time signal standard: WWVB (US), JJY (Japan), DCF77 (Germany), MSF (UK)
  • Time zone display: Eastern, central, mountain & pacific (US version only)
  • Desktop & wall-mounted construction
  • 2 x AA batteries not included
  • Dimension: 151 x 148 x 27 mm

Atomic Alarm Clock & Indoor Thermometer

Never set your alarm clock again! This radio-controlled alarm clock automatically sets itself to the US Atomic Clock so it is always accurate to the second. The atomic alarm clock will set itself to daylight savings time so you can stop worrying about staying up to 2 AM!

This alarm clock has a stylish design and can be the perfect accent to your home or office. It has a wall mount so you can use it as an atomic wall clock and indoor thermometer.

Although this is a compact atomic clock, it has an easy to ready LCD display with large numbers. Stop wasting time trying to figure out how to set your inaccurate clock. This one does all the work for you, and you never have to worry about the accuracy of your time. People are always impressed when they see my atomic clock. This clock makes a great gift item.

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