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Electronic Tape Measure

Electronic Tape Measure
The Electronic Measuring tape is perfect for anyone a contractor or real estate person who needs to quickly measure square footage of a home.

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Electronic Tape Measure
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  • Measures from 1'6" Up To 60 Feet(18 meters) in single unit mode
  • Measures from 1'6" Up To 250 Feet(75 meters) in dual unit mode with target
  • Electronic target has LED to confirm signal being received
  • Computes areas and volumes
  • Adds linear measurements, area, volumes
  • Measures in Ft/In, M/Cm decimal Ft and Yards
  • Tracking and Validate Modes
  • 7 memories with easy recall
  • Automatic internal temperature compensation, shows temperature.
  • Auto shut-off 7 minutes after last use
  • Multi-lingual Detailed instruction booklet
  • Multi-lingual Quick Reference instruction label
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Requires Two 9 Volt Batteries( not included)
  • Accuracy 99.5% +/- 1/4"(1cm)
  • Protective Pouch with Belt Loop
  • One Year Warranty

Electronic Tape Measure

Tired of wrestling with ordinary tape measures? If you use your tape measure a lot then this is a dream come true since it makes measuring a quick and accurate task.

The Electronic Tape Measure sends out narrow beams of sound waves that bounce off solid objects back to the hand-held receiver. Custom electronics and a microprocessor then convert elapsed time into a distance measurement and display it on the LCD. When used with its electronic target, the Combo PRO model uses both sound waves and an infrared beam.

The Electronic Tape Measure also has a built-in calculator to add linear measurements and compute areas and volumes. Intelligent software, accurate results and easy-to-understand instructions complete the attractive package.

The electronic measuring tape is reliable, accurate, precise and easy to use. With 7 memories: 5 for registering results & 2 for storing volume and area calculations.

This is a two- range measurement kit. You can use single unit for measuring distances less than 60 feet ( 18 meters) , which is fine for indoor measurement. If you use the target unit you can measure up to 250 feet (75meters) with an accuracy of 99.5% ± 1 cm.

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Model #
Electronic Tape Measure
Range without the Target unit Minimum: 1 foot 11 inches (0.60m)
Maximum: 59 Feet(18Meters)
Range with Target unit Minimum: 3 feet 3 inches(1 meter)
Maximum: 246 Feet (75 Meter)
Accuracy 99.5% ± 1 cm
Main unit size 5 5/8" X 3" X 1 1/2 "
Target unit size 5 3/4 "X 2 3/4 "X 1 "
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