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Advanced Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeter
This is a highly accurate handheld digital multimeter with a large display and it's packed with features.

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This exceptional handheld multimeter comes with 3 "AA" batteries to get you started.

Digital Multimeter

This is a great deal for every homeowner, mechanic, technician, RV owner or anyone interested in nice test equipment! Everyone who has looked at these meters was extremely impressed, especially considering the price! This is a one time offer at this low wholesale price.

The RadioLabs 4000 count digital multimeter is the simplest, smartest meter you can buy! When you switch meter settings the meter even tells you where to put the probes!! No Kidding. There is a completely ingenious mechanical switch that changes position and keeps you from putting the probes in the wrong location.

We have never seen anything like this before! If you have an RV, small shop or a house, or, perhaps you work as a technician or need a general purpose multimeter for anything, this is the best deal in the world! You will normally spend 2 to 3 times the money on a meter of this quality and RadioLabs is proud to offer this to our customers.

This meter measures the following:
A/C Voltage
D/C Voltage
A/C and D/C millivolts
Ohms - (Resistance)
A/C and D/C milli-amps
A/C and D/C micro-amps
Transistor hFE (NPN and PNP transistors)

The specifications for this meter are unbelievable! Consider .5% accuracy.... you can't find those same features in a multimeter at any price!

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Model #
0-400m/4V/40V/400V±1.0%, 1000V±0.5%
0-400/4K/40K/400K/40M Ohm ±1.0%

-55 C-1000C ±3.0%
Power 3 X AAA,1.5V
Size (inches)
7 X 3 X 2
Weight (Lbs)
Item # KPC
Price: $189.95
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