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NiMH Nicad Battery Charger

NiMH/Nicad Battery Charger

This is an inexpensive battery charger with advanced charging circuitry that will maximize the life of your Nicad and NiMH batteries.

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NiMH/Nicad Battery Charger

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This is a great deal for a high quality battery charger that comes with 4 free NiMH AA batteries.

NiMH/Nicad Battery Charger

This battery charger is the perfect for anyone that uses a lot of batteries in their electronic devices. This rapid battery charger is also a smart charger since it accurately controls charging time and depth. The discharge/recharge cycle will prolong the life of your NiMH and Nicad batteries. This battery charger can charge AA, AAA, and 9-volt rechargeable batteries.

Free - (4) high quality rechargeable AA batteries. These 1800 mA NiMH batteries are a big help to anyone that uses high drain electronics such as digital cameras and video games.


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