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Solar Panels

Solar Panel

We offer a variety of solar panels in multiple sizes and configurations. Our solar panels will let you set up a reliable solar system that is portable or stationary.

Antenna Details
Solar Power System

We offer sturdy foldable panels that can be used in a fixed location or as a portable solar panel. We have several different sizes of sturdy solar panels to choose from:

Rugged 10 Watt Solar Panel
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Rugged 20 Watt Solar Panel
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Rugged 30 Watt Solar Panel
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Portable Solar Power
We offer backpack style panels that are rugged and versatile. They can be mounted on your backpack or anywhere. We have several different sizes of flexible solar panels to choose from:

Flexible 10 Watt Solar Panel

  • Weight is just 2 pounds.
  • When you fold this solar panel the dimensions are just 6.25 inches wide X 10.5 inches long X 1.25 inches thick when folded.
  • When you unfold this solar panel the dimensions are 10.5 inches X 25 inches.
  • This panel is ideal for backpacking, emergencies or daily use
  • This solar panel provides 0.87 Amps or more in full sun.
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Flexible 15 Watt Solar Panel

  • Weight is exactly 3 pounds
  • Folded dimensions: 6 inches wide X 14 inches long X 1.75 inches thick
  • Unfolded dimensions: 14 inches X 26 inches
  • 8 metal grommets, one on each corner and each side
  • 1.4 Amps or more in full sun.
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Flexible 20 Watt Solar Panel

  • Weight is just 3 pounds 11 ounces
  • Folded dimensions: 7 inches wide X 15 inches long X 2 inches thick
  • Unfolded dimensions: 15 inches X 29 inches
  • 8 metal grommets, one on each corner and each side
  • 1.8 Amps or more in full sun
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We have a great universal stepdown converter that can be used with our solar panels. The stepdown has selectable voltage levels and 6 common tip sizes so that you can use these solar panels with most portable electronic devices that have removable AC/DC adapters.
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Solar Power
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Solar Panels & Solar Power

We have a line of solar power systems that are very durable and versatile. We offer two different kinds of solar panels, flexible and foldable. The foldable panels are very well made and they fold in half so you can take mount them or use them as portable solar panels. The foldable solar panels are perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking or any fun outdoor activity.

Rugged Solar Panels

Our foldable solar panels are compact and lightweight. They are competitively priced, affordable, and adaptable to your needs and applications. Expedition Panels Feature Very durable high efficiency solar cells in sturdy epoxy backings. 18V (VOC) designed for 12 volt systems (UNI-PAC 10W unit supports 24V, use two of any of the 12V units for higher power 24V applications). Expedition Panels are installed in thin, compact zipper-closed containers made from rip-stop nylon. Perfectly at home in backpack, briefcase or suitcase. Our Expedition grade panels have been used worldwide. Ideal for survival or backup emergency power needs. Great for the beach or just about anywhere. These units stand up to tough conditions. Water-repellant container and waterproof panels.
Power your cell phone or PDA directly with a 10W, 15.8W or 20W panel. Units all work well with our QRP charge controller kit or any other charge controller. Readily powers consumer electronics, survival gear or two way radios. Great for Laptop Power needs. Use with our micro-solar power center (8AH battery plus 4A charge center wired and tested, set up for 20W or 30W Expedition panels, fuse and connectors included).
Lightweight. Designed for difficult and even expedition conditions. Flexible panels are ideal for mounting on curved vehicle or boating surfaces. Multiple panels may be combined for higher power needs. 8 to 10 folded panels fit in an average sized briefcase giving 80 to 100W of power capacity when unfolded and assembled.
These panels are the most compact and lightweight on the market. Volume discounts and dealer pricing also available for our solar panels.

The foldable solar panels

The solutions designed for backpacking and backcountry expeditions where charging while on the trail is essential along with weight. We offer 10.4, 15.6 and 20.8 Watt panels that have four panes of epoxy embedded solar cells. These panels are attached to ballistic/rip stop nylon enclosures and the panels fold to very small dimensions. Weight is kept to a minimum and each side and each corner features a sturdy grommet designed to permit you to attach the panel to your backpack or pack animal pack. This will permit you to charge your batteries or run electronic devices freely while in motion on the trail. These panels are designed to withstand the demanding conditions you will encounter while backcountry. A matching 2 Amp-hour micro power station is also ideal to supply power once you've arrived at camp. This power station will also moderate the solar panel voltage to permit direct charging of consumer electronics devices while on the trail.

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