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Solar Power Battery Centers

Solar Power Battery Center
The Portable Power Center is a 16 Amp 12 Volt battery pack that is portable and durable. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or like to use portable electronics, this power center is a great device.

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Solar Power Center
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  • 12 Volt 16 Amp Hour sealed lead acid battery, SunWize Steca charge controller with cables and connectors. 16 AH will provide 1 amp for 16 hours, 16 amps for 1 hour and everything between. Excellent for laptop power source in the camp or in the wild.
  • Blue ballistic nylon enclosure to protect controller and battery. Matches our Expedition and Backpack solar panels.
  • Steca charge controller is a full function temperature compensated charge controller.
  • Full battery pack monitoring via LCD text screen that scrolls between battery voltage, state of charge, load current and charging current.
  • Low voltage disconnect to protect the battery against over- discharge
  • Fused output lead with "cigarette lighter" socket for compatibility with most consumer devices.
  • Ideal for survival or backup emergency power needs. Great for the beach or just about anywhere.
  • Add a 250W 110V inverter to power laptops that don't have DC adaptors or to power 110V consumer devices (video cameras, communications devices, etc.)
  • Will accept up to 13 amps of charging current at 12VDC, about 120W of panels.
  • Works very well with ConnecticutSolar Expedition solar panels. Also sold as a solar system component. This battery pack is popular with scientific and expedition applications that require a consistent and reliable power source in the wild.

Solar Power Center - Portable Battery Pack & Carrying Case

This is a great addition to one of our solar panels or one that you already have. This is a portable power back that will withstand the test of time. This is a great addition to your camping or hiking trip since it is fairly lightweight and rugged. It is excellent as a laptop power source in the wild. We also have an 8 amp portable power pack that is just as good just half the power.

These battery packs are great for connecting to solar panels and saving energy. You can save money in the long run off of solar and of course there are other benefits we won't get in to here. If you are interested in some quality solar panels we have a 10 Watt Solar Power Pack, a 15 Watt Portable Power System, and individual Solar Panels available.

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