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Portable Solar Power

Solar Power System
The Portable Power Pack with 20 Watt Solar Panel is a great for rugged applications such as camping, backpacking, hiking or emergencies. The rugged, yet portable design is very light.

Antenna Details
Solar Power System

This package includes:

  • 20.8 Watt Solar Panel
  • 12 Volt 8 Amp Power Pack with Carrying Case
  • Universal DC Stepdown with 6 common tip sizes
  • Plug and play cables to connect everything together
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Portable Power
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Portable Power Pack Features

  • 12 Volt 8 Amp Hour sealed lead acid batteries, embedded charge controllers to optimally charge the batteries from solar power.
  • Systems include cables and connectors.
  • 8 AH will provide 1 amp for 8 hours, 8 amps for 1 hour and everything between. Excellent for laptop power source in the wild.
  • Amp hour ratings: used to describe how much power can be extracted from a battery system over a given timeframe. Example: 16AH battery pack can deliver 16A for 1 hour or 1 amp for 16 hours or any combination (for example 8A for 2 hours).
  • Use the power center with solar panels attached as a system and you can deliver power from both the battery pack and the solar panels.
  • Blue ballistic nylon enclosure to protect controller and battery.
  • Embedded charge controllers are a full function temperature compensated charge controller.
  • Tricolor LED to indicate battery state of charge on the 8AH model and a full LCD text display of battery voltage/state of charge/load current and panel current during operation on the 16AH unit.
  • Low voltage disconnect to protect the battery against over discharge
    Fused output lead with "cigarette lighter" socket for compatibility with most consumer devices.
  • Ideal for survival or backup emergency power needs. Great for the beach or just about anywhere.
  • Add a 250W 110V inverter to power laptops that don't have DC adaptors or to power 110V consumer devices (video cameras, communications devices, etc.).
  • 8AH unit can be used with up to 60W of panel capacity and 16AH unit can be used with up to 150W of panels.

20.8 Watt Solar Panel Features

  • Weight is just 3 pounds 11 ounces
  • Folded dimensions: 7 inches wide X 15 inches long X 2 inches thick
  • Unfolded dimensions: 15 inches X 29 inches
  • 8 metal grommets, one on each corner and each side
  • 1.8 Amps or more in full sun

Solar Power System

Looking for the ultimate portable power system? RadioLabs offers one of the largest portable solar panels on the market. You can power most notebook computers with this solar power pack. The heavy duty tie down rings enable you to secure the solar panel to a backpack, or virtually and surface.

The small, yet highly efficient solar panel delivers 20.8 watts, which is more than enough power to run multiple AM/FM or shortwave radios, charge the battery and other small DC powered devices at the same time. In fact, you could call this the perpetual power center because in overcast conditions it will keep most small electronic equipment operating 24 hours a day, indefinitely and still recharge the battery pack. That's a lot of power from a portable solar package.

The included DC stepdown converter enables you to power virtually any device that runs off of a car's cigarette lighter or standard household DC wall wart adapter. A switch on the unit enables the user to select the voltage for any device from 3 - 12 VDC at up to 1 amp current draw. We chose this particular stepdown because of it's quiet noise level. It will not interfere with portable radios and is easy to operate. A number of tip sizes are available for plugging into the side of your receiver. The quick-change tips make it possible to quickly plug in a different device. Instructions for operation are included.

This is the unit to purchase if you plan on operating a notebook computer. The higher output of the panel will enable you to operate your computer for longer periods of time. You will also need a power converter for some notebooks which operate off of a custom adapter or require voltages higher than 12 volts. Please contact us for these custom units.

Included in this kit is a small 20.8 watt foldable solar panel and a complete smart re-charge system which includes an 8 Amp Hour battery pack. The built-in charge regulator charges the battery in a very efficient way which not only charges at a high rate, but also maximizes the battery's life. The 20 Watt solar panel will fully charge the battery pack in about 5 hours in full sunlight.

The solar panels are made from the highest output mono-crystalline epoxy coated solar cells and are extremely light weight and fold to a very small size. These panels are attached to ballistic/rip stop nylon enclosures and the panels fold to very small dimensions. Weight is kept to a minimum and each side and each corner features a sturdy grommet designed to permit you to attach the panel to your backpack or pack animal pack. This will permit you to charge your batteries or run electronic devices freely while in motion.

The battery will provide enough power to run a 1AH device for 8 hours. A typical battery powered portable radio requires approximately 300 mAH of current at 6 Volts DC. When the battery pack is fully charged, this unit will run the radio for over 100 hours without having to recharge the battery.

This is the highest quality power unit available for small devices and is highly recommended for backpacking, campers, RVers or emergency power applications.

We also have a 10 Watt Solar Power Pack, a 15 Watt Portable Power System, and individual Solar Panels available.

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