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Super Sangean 909

RadioLabs - Super 909 -
RadioLabs exclusive modified Super 909 is possibly the ultimate, small portable receiver on the market. You can purchase a new receiver complete, or send your 909 to us for complete conversion.

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RadioLabs Super 909 receiver


t RadioLabs, we specialize in radios. One of our favorite portable receivers is the Sangean ATS-909. However, it is really hard for our radio experts to keep their hands out of radios because this is what we do best. We developed the new Sangean Super 909 to fill the demand for a mid-priced portable with incredible features and performance which cannot be beat.

Xtreme Sensitivity! - RadioLabs provides the most extensive modifications on the market for this receiver. We first start with RadioLabs exclusive front-end sensitivity increase. This is very important and will enable you to pick up very distant stations. The next step is changing the IF filters for better curve characteristics. If you have better sensitivity, you also need better filters! Our filters are exclusive and are tailored for the best possible audio on MW and SW. We add a brand new speaker, which has excellent audio response and will make your receiver perform like never before possible. We modify the audio filter curves, install new LEDs which give a very custom look and professional quality display. Next, we add the anti-mute modification and remove the detent from the tuning knob. If you have never used a Sangean ATS-909 and you are interested, we urge you to use a standard ATS-909 first to fully enjoy the added features of our custom modified receiver.
If you are not familiar with the ATS-909 or it's features, or you are new to shortwave, please read detailed specifications here.

Already have an ATS-909 or DX-398 receiver? Would you like us to modify it for the same specifications as the Super 909, you can send your radio in to us. Please fill out the Repair Form and send it in. The cost for complete modification is $109.95. These modifications are very difficult. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for modification and return of your receiver. Click Here and send it in!

Please visit our Testimonials and Review Page

Testomonials and reviews

Additional details:
  • Complete filter modification - RadioLabs custom filters were engineered for the ATS-909, specifically for the best audio quality and best audio response on MW, SW and SSB. 2 filters are included.
  • Anti-muting modification - This modification removes the slight pause which occurs during tuning the 909. This is a very preferred modification for shortwave listeners.
  • Tuning Knob detent removal - The standard tuning encoder on the ATS-909 has a small detent when tuning to different stations. RadioLabs modifies this knob so tuning is smooth and very professional feeling.
  • External SW and FM antenna jack - The antenna jack on the ATS-909 is a 1/8" stereo type jack. This is sometimes difficult to use if you do not have a custom cable made. RadioLabs adds a gold plated RCA jack to the back of the radio. We chose the RCA jacks because they are very rugged, easy to hook up and they are the easiest to obtain plug on the market. It is also easy to hook up and unhook the antenna with a simply push-pull contact. This jack is installed on the back of the radio for easy access, yet won't get in your way.
  • AM and SW sensitivity modification- RadioLabs makes the AM and SW front end of your receiver, extremely sensitive. Our exclusive receiver sensitivity increase will blow you away. If you have heard of other radios, which brag about their receive capability, wait until you hear the Super 909!
  • High Fidelity Speaker - The standard speaker on the Sangean ATS-909 is a very good speaker, but, we thought we could do better. RadioLabs has an exclusive speaker manufacturer and we replace the speaker with a higher quality, extremely good speaker. The Super 909 doesn't sound like a small radio when we are done.
  • Blue LCD display - RadioLabs modifies the 909 with a very beautiful, Blue LED display, which is properly backlit. Once you see this display, you will never want to look at another standard display again.
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