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Product Spotlight - 7-Element Wireless Yagi antenna
High Quality, light-weight antenna for extending the range of your Wireless system. Professional grade machined aluminum with mounting bracket and hardware.

Product Details

2.4 GHz machined yagi antenna
WiFi Yagi Antenna

RadioLabs low Price

More gain than any antenna of it's size. The RadioLabs 7 element travel wifi antenna is the best in it's class. This is the ultimate antenna for mounting near a notebook computer.

If you want to mount this antenna outside, order a cable and specify in the order column that this antenna is for the RadioLabs 2.4 yagi 7 with RP-SMA. This is the ultimate wifi solution for a small, light weight, high gain antenna.

This antenna is machined down to 1/10,000th of an inch of the center band for 802.11 on channel 6. You can't get better performance in a portable wifi antenna than the 2.4, 7 element yagi unless you increase the antenna size. Get these while they are in stock.

High performance, machined aluminum yagi antenna for 802.11 extended range.

The RadioLabs CNC machined Yagi antenna is the perfect antenna for not only permanent installation, but also makes an excellent travel antenna for receiving wireless when you are on the go.

You can either puchase the antenna as a single item, or purchase it as a wifi mobile extender.... for further information, please call us toll free at 877-575-3700 and inquire about the wifi mobile travel kit.

Simply carry this antenna with you in your notebook case for extended range wireless connectivity. Gain is 13 dB for a wide spaced yagi. RadioLabs machined yagi antennas provide the most possible gain per square inch of antenna. The RadioLabs 7 Element antenna is 16" in overall length and produces more gain per inch than any antenna of it's size.


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Product Spotlight
RadioLabs Product Spotlight
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