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Wireless Mesh System

- Wireless Mesh System -

The RadioLabs O2Mesh wireless mesh system is the perfect solution for creating robust, agile networks. Incorporating cutting edge technology, these units bond together to create a ubiquitous wireless network with minimal configuration necessary. These rugged units use industrial design principles coupled with smart, adaptable technology to quickly provide a large WiFi system.
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Does not include an antenna or CAT-5 ethernet cable. We recommend an Omni 8 WiFi antenna, a 5' pigtail cable for attaching the antenna, and 50' of CAT-5 cable.

These Mesh units require an internet connnection to function- Each unit must be hard-wired or connected wirelessly through a single hard-wired O2Mesh gateway unit


  • Self forming, self healing mesh
  • Free cloud-based network controller
    for complete control and monitoring
  • Dual SSIDs, one for public and one private use
  • Free iOS and Android monitoring app's
  • Hardware Watchdog auto-restarts
    router after power spikes/outages
  • Email Alert System
  • Automatic Firmware Upgrade
  • Enable and create a splash page
  • Set client time out limits
  • Set client upload and download limits
  • Block user system
  • Open-Mesh compatible


RadioLabs O2Mesh- Open source Mesh system uses innovative technology that is easy to install and setup. This high power unit (up to 400mW of RF output power) utilizes auto-redundancy which finds the best networking route automatically. It is perfect for a large hotel, marina and RV park, office, apartment, shopping mall and camp ground installations. You can simply plug one unit in,enter the MAC Address on the cloud server and go.

CLOUD MANAGED- What used to require a dedicated server can now be done through a browser and the free, cloud-based network controller, CloudTrax. CloudTrax is packed with powerful features to meet the demands of IT professionals, yet is easy enough to be deployed by someone with little to no network experience.

CloudTrax- Is a free cloud-based network controller that helps you build, manage and monitor your wireless networks from anywhere in the world.

Email Alert- With the email alert function you will be alerted anytime a part of your Mesh systems goes down.

Android and iOS App- Monitor your network on on CloudTrax App with your Android smart phone or iPhone anywhere, anytime.

Adjustable Power Settings- Adjust the power output settings from a wide range of selections. 25mW - 400mW.

URL Redirect- Redirect users to any web page upon login to your MESH system.


5 ft LMR-400 WiFi Cable

RadioLabs offers a full line of pre-made cables for your 802.11 installation. We have pre-made cables or you can have us custom make a cable for your specific application.   More...

Commercial Grade Wireless Omni Antenna

The Wireless Network Omni Antenna is a high quality wifi antenna with 12 dB gain. Use this antenna as the central point of your wireless LAN network and setting up multiple access points will be much easier.   More...

25 Foot Cat-5 Cable

When setting almost any networking system, wireless or not, you are going to need Cat-5 cabling. With the ability to carry information and protocol information up to 100 Mbit/s, these Category-5 cables will connect your routers, switches and wireless devices where you need them.   More...

Model # O2MESH
Wireless Mesh System
Speed (Max)
150 Mbps
26 dBm
Single N-Female connector
400 MHz Atheros AR7240
MIPS 24Kc V7.4
WLAN Standard
802.11g/n 2.4 GHz
Zero Config Plug & Play
Self Forming, Self Healing Mesh
Hardware Watchdog CPU
Cloud Controller
iOS/Android Monitoring Apps
Public and Private SSIDs
2 (WAN and LAN)
12-20v Passive (non-802.3af)
Power Supply
  1. Power, Ethernet (2), WiFi
0-50 C
W x D x H = 3" x 1" x 6 1/16"
1.1lbs (17.6oz)
FCC, IC, CE, CTick
1 Year
Item # O2MESH
Price: $209.95
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