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Wifi Range Extender

2.4 GHz Wireless Range Extender Amplifier
Extend the range of your wireless network with RadioLabs 500 mWatt Amplifier and impressive receive amplifier. This is the most innovative design in Wireless amplifiers and features a detachable antenna and RP-SMA or RP-TNC connectors.

Antenna Details
This item is not currently available.
Note: The Linksys WRT54G Requires a RP-TNC connector
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RP-TNC ConnectorRP-TNC Connector option
RP-SMA ConnectorRP-SMA Connector option


  • Bi-directional amplifier for IEEE 802.11B, G and Super G
  • Automatic gain control to minimize the signal distortion on all access points
  • High Power transmit level, 500mW (or +27dBm)
  • Low noise amplifier with system noise figure 2.5dB
  • 110 volt - 6.5VDC power adapter for operation from wall current.
  • Industry standard RP-SMA or RP-TNC type connector options.
  • Sturdy aluminum chassis with integrated heat-sink
  • Power, Receive and transmit diagnostic lights.

The easiest way to extend the range of your wireless network!

Click here for our new 750mw Wifi Range Booster Amplifier!

So, you want to extend the range of your wireless system, but want an easy solution huh? Just think of this as a rubberduck antenna on steroids!! This is the most impressive and easiest way to extend the range of your wireless router, access point or repeater. If your wireless connection is falling out in your home or you have disconnect problems, purchase this solution and it will never happen again.

This 1/2 watt amplifier works at B, G or Super G speeds and includes a transmit and receive amplifier with amazing specifications.

This amplifier will work with virtually any type router including Linksys, Motorola, D-link, Linksys, etc, basically all of the wireless access points which require either an RP-SMA or an RP-TNC type connector. For a detail on the connector type for most routers, please refer to our cable page.

All Buffalo products currently offered on RadioLabs site, and the majority of consumer grade wireless equipment, will work with any amplifier currently listed on our site.

Amplifiers cannot be used with RadioLabs Long Range Notebook Cards High Power, Access Points, or any wireless device generating more than 100mW output. These products will burn out any amplifier, and will void all warranties


Shown here with Motorola Access Point, not included.
Shown here with Motorola Access Point, (Access Point not included)

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Model #WRE500MW
- Wireless Range Extender -
Amplifier Specifications
Frequency Band 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
802.11 specifications 802.11B, G and Super G compatible
Signal Type DSSS - Multimode
Receiver Specifications
RX Max. Input Power -10 dBm
RX Power Gain
20 dB
Transmitter Specifications
TX Input Power 0 ~ +20 dBm
TX Power Gain 13 dB
TX Linear output Power 500 mW / +27 dBm
TX/RX Switch Time < 1µsec
User Interface
Diagnosis LED

Power = Green
Transmit = Red
Receive = Yellow

Power Requirements
DC Supply Voltage 6.5 VDC thru included adapter
Current Consumption 550 mA maximum during TX
Mechanical Specifications
RF Connector Type RP-SMA or RP-TNC type
Operating Temperature 0 °C ~ +40 °C Guaranteed specs.
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