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Tecsun PL390 AM/FM/SW Radio
Tecsun provides great receivers for almost every type of radio user. The PL390 is an excellent portable radio.

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Tecsun PL390 AM/FM/SW Radio
Kaito AM/FM Pocket Radio

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Tecsun PL390 AM/FM/SW Radio

The Tecsun PL390 AM/FM/SW radio is a great compact radio with a highly sensitive extendable AM antenna. Great for taking to the beach or on hikes through the woods. With the ability to operate on AA batteries you can take this radio where ever you go.

RadioLabs is proud to make available the Tecsun PL390 AM/FM/SW radio. This radio picks up a wide range of broadcasting through four easy methods of tuning: tuning knob, memory, ATS tuning and Tecsun's proprietary Easy Tuning Mode.

With the ability to program 450 stations, you will not only have a vast amount of stations to tune into but with the outstanding clarity and high tone quality that the PL390 offers, you will be glad you purchased this radio.


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  • FM: 87-108MHz
  • AM: 520-1710
  • SW : 2300-21950 KHz
  • Powered by (3) AA batteries
  • 5V mini-USB DC input jack
  • DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology
  • 450 Programable Memory
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