Sangean ATS-909 – 909x Upgrade Speaker


An amazing little 3 inch, direct drop in replacement speaker, used in RadioLabs ATS-909 Super mods. This speaker is an 4-ohm, 3 watt high performance audio tiny speaker, which produces amazing sound. It’s power handling capability is far above the audio amplifier output, and can handle a whopping 3 watts input. Full range audio, is tailored for best reproduction of the human voice, as well as a huge boost in audio quality in the FM band for excellent long-term listening to your favorite music station. These speakers have been popular in RadioLabs mods for the last 17 years as we continue to make a great receiver even better. Now available to our customers to do their own enhancements!!

RadioLabs 909 and 909x Upgrade Speaker

We are selling the amazingly good quality Sangean 909 and 909x upgrade speaker, which is a fantastic update to the audio of your original 909 receiver. This is the same speaker RadioLabs has been installing in all RadioLabs Super 909 modifications, since 2002, and once installed, has the most dramatic effect effect. Huge increase in sound, due to it’s low profile, paper cone, with excellent “surround” and ability to produce a huge increase in Sound Pressure Level (SPL) over the stock, small magnet speaker inside of the Sangean 909 Worldband receiver. Sangean liked these speakers so much, the used it as the stock replacement speaker inside of the RadioLabs ATS-909x ClearMod and the receiver enjoyed a huge boost in audio performance.

This, is the same Speaker, perfectly designed, to provide the highest quality audio, impedance and improved performance, which was adopted by RadioLabs, as well as Sangean for it’s superb sound, inside of the small cabinet of the 909 and the 909x radios.

Replacement speaker for all ATS-909 and 909x receivers

With same physical outside dimensions, the original ATS-909 receiver can simply be opened, the adhesive removed and these high performance speakers fit right in. The large cage design, 100% shielded magnet, as well as full frame, allow for grounding lug to fit the negative lead. This cage and grounded frame, prevent any and all noise induced on the receiver from the magnetic inductance of the speaker, as well as it’s low-profile design, reduce interference to the ferrite rod and internal receiver components.
This is the same, high-fidelity speaker as used in the new ATS-909x. They are a direct drop in replacement for both models, but will increase the sound and performance of the ATS-909, far above it’s original intended design. This large magnet speaker, has improved audio range over the stock, small magnet, weaker paper coil and low travel surround on the original, stock 909 speaker. Perfect drop-in replacement speaker for both radios, gives amazing audio and is the same speaker Sangean themselves even used in the newly redesigned radios. 🙂

For shipping, it is best to select flat rate postal, to avoid us potentially damaging the cone or having it bent by the US Postal company if it drops. We highly recommend standard US Postal shipping in a flat rate box for padded protection!

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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