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AM Radio Signal Booster – The RadioLabs PortablePRO AM Antenna is a beautifully designed loop antenna for enhanced AM or Medium Wave reception. The antenna instantly and dramatically boosts the AM reception of any portable radio, home stereo receiver or table top radio, by simply placing the antenna near your radio and tuning it, or, with this model, allows you to hard-wire the antenna to your home stereo receiver or table top radio with twin lead attachment. Amazing signal clarity and makes distant stations instantly sound like they’re local! 

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Boost AM Radio Reception with RadioLabs “PortablePRO” Antenna

Boost your Radio’s AM Reception with this Amazing antenna!

ThePortablePlus, tunable, indoor AM loop antenna dramatically improves the reception on AM (Medium Wave) stations throughout the entire AM Broadcast Band. This AM Antenna enhances reception and adds clarity to the simple antennas that are included with all home stereo receivers and desktop radios. The PortablePRO loop design allows an antenna that gives you the reception that normally would only be possible with a very long wire, hooked up directly to your radio. With

AM Radio Antenna Booster - Directional

The RadioLabs PortablePRO booster is a directional AM Radio Antenna, capable of pulling in distant stations and increasing your radio’s signal. Antenna points towards the AM Radio Station you’re trying to listen to. All stations to the side of the antenna are heavily attenuated or suppressed. 

the PortablePRO, it will work on all portable radios, without wires attached. This model works with all AM Radios, 

The PortablePRO features a built-in tuning dial that allows  tuning to the appropriate station and the selectivity to block out unwanted stations and noise; which without the antenna would crowd or “bleed” into the desired signal. The antenna can also be adjusted by physically turning the loop in the direction of the station’s broadcast and pointing it directly at the station. One of the great things about this antenna is the possibilities available by selective tuning, loop adjustment and radio dialing. The PortablePRO AM Loop Antenna will give you an added dimension to your AM radio by giving you better reception of the stations you already get, clearer sound, improved clarity and enhancement of stations that would otherwise be drowned out.

Receiving long distance AM Radio stations is easy with the PortablePLUS (NO power requirements) tuned coil antenna, boosting AM Performance beyond above what you think is possible. Simply placing it next to the portable radio’s internal AM rod antenna  or by connecting it to larger desktop radios that have AM antenna terminals by using the included 1/8″ to bare wire cable.

Why is my AM Radio Reception weak?

Most people think they need a powerful AM Radio, with a special high-end receiver or circuit to increase or boost your reception. Indeed, this is true, to some extent, but only when it involve

Radio Noise and Sensitivity. However, the antenna inside of a portable radio however is the device which is responsible for picking up the radio station. These internal antennas are usually very small, very weak, and are often forgotten. Most people think that the whip antenna is the device receiving the signal, when in fact has no affect on receiving AM.

This remarkable AM Radio antenna, works by combining a capacitor, along with a large air coil, to fine tune to a specific band. When you slowly rotate to adjust the tuning knob, the capacitor, in conjunction with the air coil, combine to radically boost the signal of the weak station you are trying to listen to. The antenna creates a “Field” around the antenna and when placed next to your portable AM Radio and the radio is place close to the PortablePRO AM Radio Antenna, a significant jump in received signal strength is instantly noticed.

This field effect on the radio very similar to “Sympathetic Resonance”, just like placing 2 guitars on a table right next to each other. When you pluck the string on one guitar, the other guitar’s same string starts to resonate, but this happens with a radio signal, on your ferrite rod antenna. Sometimes this tuning effect on the radio’s reception is so great, that people often think it’s some type of magic or voodoo.. With no wires attached to the portable radio, you just simply tune the knob and BOOM! a HUGE boost the station’s signal. For people seeing this for the first time, it’s really quite remarkable.

Home Stereo – Table Top Receiver AM Antenna Booster

AM Antenna for Home Stereo or Table-Top receivers

Plug the PortablePRO into the AM Radio Jacks on the back of your home stereo or Table-top receiver for a tremendous boost in AM Reception

On most home stereo receivers, there is usually a small loop, or similar type open air coil antenna. These highly inefficient antennas, barely pick-up local stations and the reception is not

acceptable. These antennas generally plug into two connections on the back of the receiver or Table-Top radios. These dual clips are called “Twin Lead” connections and are the only inputs available for AM Radio reception on a home stereo or table top. The reception is generally very poor with these stock receiver’s open air loop antenna, but at least you can receive something. The PortablePRO model antenna is capable of either sitting directly next to this open air loop, or, you have the option with this model antenna, to plug the 1/8th inch plug with wire into the front of the AM Antenna, then running the 2-wire output directly to the clip leads on the back of the Home Stereo receiver or Table top radio. The antenna plugs are always labeled “AM Antenna” or something similar. The PortablePRO AM Radio antenna’s twin lead wires will not be required on most portable radios.

Once the twin lead adapter is plugged into the rear clip leads for AM, the antenna can then be tuned to “Peak out” the tuning, then rotated towards the AM Radio Station and Null out, or decrease any potential interference. Once properly tuned and rotated, a TREMENDOUS increase in AM Radio Reception will be noticed and you will have excellent reception on your Home Stereo or Table Top receiver. The increase is so dramatic, if you haven’t experienced this before, you’re in for a surprise. People often hear this increase for the first time and wonder where this device has been their whole life, because it will take a station that is barely audible in the background, with horrible static, adjacent channel interference and inaudible muddled audio, and instantly bring these stations in so well, you’d think it was local. 


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 2 in


  • EFFECTIVE FROM 520kHz – 1710kHz
  • Inductive Coupling – No wires needed on portable radios


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