Kaito KA-500L AM FM SW Emergency Radio


Reliable, self-powered Emergency Radio – The Kaito KA-500L, charges the internal Lithium ion, standard 18650 battery off of multiple power sources, including wind-up, solar, DC input, etc. AM, FM, Shortwave, NOAA Weather radio, alert you to emergencies. This is the emergency weather radio you want before you’re trapped and need it. Makes the perfect gift for your loved ones who live in earthquake, hurricane or tornado prone areas. Easy to use and built-in flashlight make this a great radio to always have on hand in your home, car, RV or boat.

KA-500L Kaito – Emergency Self-Powered Radio – Solar – Rechargeable

In these troubling times, earthquakes, ever-changing weather, hurricanes, tornadoes and outbreak of severe weather, a portable emergency self-powered radio is one of the top accessories you can put in your home, car or an emergency kit. NOAA, as well as all other emergency preparedness websites recommend a self-powered emergency radio, because you don’t need an emergency portable radio usually until the emergency happens.

Internal lithium rechargeable 18650 battery, charges up with an incredible amount of operating power, allowing you to charge the radio from any source, hand crank, solar, plugin, etc. Also provides output USB voltage source to a telephone, to recharge your phone on the fly.

Emergency Radio – Self Powered 

After RadioLabs took a direct hit in September of 2018 from Hurricane Florence, we were inundated with flooding, closing off all access to the outside world. We learned first-hand how important an emergency radio truly is. When power was completely out, flood waters rising and no other access to the outside world was available, we had on-hand a number of portable receivers and the Kaito KA-500L portable radio was our go-to radio during that time. With multiple ways to charge this radio, it makes the ideal, rugged emergency radio, to hear the news and important information you need immediately right when you need it the most.

Self-powered AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather and much more!

Built in Solar Panel, hand crank dynamo, and life saving NOAA weather radio alert. Charge your cell phone, and listen to the radio at the same time. It’s like a Swiss Army radio!

There is absolutely no reason why everyone should not own at least one of these great radios, especially if you live in an area prone to natural disasters. Powered by a built-in adjustable solar panel, DC jack (adapter not included), or just crank the handle on the side and you have a human powered Emergency Radio.

The KA500 Voyager Radio has a 2 color 5-LED light opposite of the solar panel for reading, NOAA weather radio with 7 standard bands for all stations and weather alerts, AM, FM and shortwave coverage from 3.2Khz to 22Khz. Perhaps the most striking feature, the Voyager Radio has a built-in powered USB port so you can charge your cell phone or MP3 player. With the Voyager, you never have to purchase batteries again to power it. The included Ni-MH battery pack is charged by the hand crank dynamo or solar panel to provide power wherever you are! You can even charge the Voyager by plugging it into your PC’s USB port!

The Voyager’s Dual-Conversion receiver is actually quite sensitive for a portable emergency radio, on both AM/FM and Shortwave bands and we find that it makes an excellent daily radio, not just for emergencies. The NOAA Alert function allows the radio to turn itself on if there is a severe weather emergency alert. The radio will turn itself off when the broadast is complete.

The Voyager is basically an LED flashlight, a shortwave/AM/FM receiver, a NOAA Weather Alert Radio, a solar panel, a cell phone/MP3 Player charger and a weapon if you throw it really hard at someone all rolled into one.

Now available in Green, Black, Red, Blue, Camo and Yellow

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in

Green, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue


  • AM/FM/SW/WX Bands
  • SW 3.2Khz – 22.00Khz
  • AM 520Khz – 1717Khz
  • FM 88.0Mhz – 108.0Mhz
  • Double molded chassis for ruggedized style
  • Dual Conversion Receiver
  • Dial Control – For fast tuning
  • Rotary volume controls
  • 5-LED Flashlight with Red SOS Function
  • Band indicators for all band
  • NOAA Weather Alert Function
  • 3.5mm headphone socket
  • 3 inches 7 W full range speaker with enlarged magnet
  • Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass
  • Powered USB Port
  • 6 mm (positive center) 4.5-6V power adaptor socket (adapter not included)
  • Battery : 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery included
  • WxHxD in mm/in: 204 x 128 x 66 mm (8 x 5 x 2.6 inches)


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