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Sony Radio Repair

Sony Radio Repair

Unfortunately we are not currently repairing Sony receivers

Sony Homepage
Receiver Type Repair Type
Sony ICF-2010 receiver
Sony ICF-2010 shortwave portable receiver. We have a very high success rate on repairing the Sony ICF-2010. We are also one of the only repair facilities in the United States that services the Sony shortwave portables. The ICF-2010 is truly a classic receiver and we are proud to bring them back to life.
Sony ICF-7600 receiver
Sony ICF-7600 portable shortwave receiver. The receiver shown is a Sony ICF-7600G model. We can however service all Sony receivers including the regular 7600 and all receivers with different prefixes. The 7600G is an excellent model to repair and their repair cost is usually low.
Sony ICF-SW77 receiver
Sony ICF-SW77 portable shortwave receiver. The ICF-SW77 is an excellent, advanced shortwave receiver. We have repaired many of them and have an excellent repair rate. As always, Radiolabs offers a 6 month warranty on all of our repairs.
Sony ICF-SW100 receiver
Sony ICF-SW100 portable shortwave receiver. The SW-100 is still a favorite among shortwave enthusiasts who travel alot. We have repaired many of these receivers and know their circuitry very well. We specialize in Sony receiver repair and have all the necessary specialty tools, which are custom made at Radiolabs.
Sony ICF-SW07 receiver
Sony ICF-SW07 portable shortwave receiver. We haven't seen too many of the Sony SW-07 receivers but we are well equipped to handle repairs on this receiver. The Sony SW-07 is an incredible receiver and well worth the repair.
Sony Receivers Sony has so many makes and models of portable shortwave receivers, it is hard to build a comprehensive list on the web. Minor or major repair service is available on most Sony brands. We have serviced the CRF-330k, CRF-320k and numerous other classic Sony receivers.
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