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RadioLabs Specializes in high performance wireless and wifi systems. Our wireless system engineers, can design any network, from basic bridge systems used for homes and out-buildings, to advanced networking systems, long range bridging, factory and warehouse wireless engineering, even space exploration.

Our wireless system designers are capable of coming up with unique solutions for any wireless or wifi project. We have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, to develop, design, engineer and install amazing system designs. We have worked with all levels of goverment agencies, to Nasa, as well as multi-million square foot warehousing and manufacturing facilities. We’ve even deployed the first complete wireless bridged and wifi enabled island in the Atlantic ocean.

Some of our engineering approaches require unique tools, topographic wireless analysis to design and configure custom wireless system design principles that is unheard of in the industry. Since no two wireless systems are alike, please call us, with your system requirements, your physical address or GPS cooridnates for your project and have a system engineer discuss your design. Even if you have a home and want to bridge it to a distant location to receive a wireless signal from a distant location, it will require the assistance of one of our wireless design staff. We can even configure a complete brige or wireless package, turn-key, for the lowest prices available. Give us a call at the number below. Every person who answers our phone lines is a technician.. our technical staff is well-trained and know the characteristics of wireless antennas, gain properties and unique frequency and propagation of each wireless frequency we deal with. Whether it’s 900mhz long range bridge, to the latest high gain line of sight 5.8GHz gigabit networking, our wifi wizards have the talent and ability to complete your wireless networking project.

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