Mu-MiMo WiFi Router Technology – What is it?

Simply put, Mu-MiMo, is an advanced, Multi-User variant technology, which stands for “Multi-User, Multi-In, Multi-Out” WiFi, which handles extremely fast requests and packets handling and request between many users at one time. 

Similar to the original Su-MiMo, or, Single User MiMo techonology of older routers, this technology is now the staple of WiFi-5, and WiFi-6 Protocol and is a major technology increase over the original variants. RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go, Long Range WiFi Router, features true Mu-MiMo technology, allowing for greater speeds and better coverage to provide seamless WiFi coverage around your home. 
Customer’s running many devices inside of their homes, which demand high stream rate and data, will enjoy faster, uninterrupted video and download rates greater than traditional 802.11AC routers, handling WiFi traffic in a much more sophisticated, yet seamless way.

How does Mu-MiMo increase speed of Wifi routers?

A Typical WiFi router, transmits WiFi packets utilizing 1 or 2 WiFi antennas, using 1 or 2 channels, in either narrow or wideband mode. This sometimes slows down when you connect a lot of various devices to an older technology router.

With Mu-MiMo, dual band AC / WiFi-5 or WiFi-6, the Router delivers streams on 2, 3 or 4, even 8 or more individual frequencies (bands) which are created inside of the Wireless Chipset itself, delivering multiple users with independent streams. Simply put, it’s like standing in a line for a roller coaster at an amusement park, single file, using original MiMo technology. Lots of wait times as everyone gets in line to ride the roller coaster, backing up, and creating a long wait time. However With Mu-MiMo, the amusement park just opened up 3, 4 or more Roller Coasters and multiple lines, where customers have no waiting and no traffic backup, to climb on board any number of roller coasters, in multiple lines, making wait times a thing of the past.

How has WiFi Technology Advanced? 

As generations of WiFi technology have advanced, WiFi-4, 5 and 6 have emerged. The latest WiFi-6 Technology, coined “AX” is the latests, but has run into some significant roadblocks as WiFi speeds have been more than adequate by WiFi-5, using Mu-MiMo. Most phones and portable devices cannot even utilize WiFi-6 at this time, and when 99% of customers are asked why they need WiFi-6, they cannot answer that question, nor does traditional data requirements ever need the technology as of this writing. Mu-MiMo is the greatest advancement and allows seamless multi-user connectivity. Greater range, multiple WiFi devices all streaming to the same home router and no need for faster speeds, are the benefit of this latest technology.

RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go, Mu-MiMo WiFi Router, provides greater speeds and greater bit rates than all other standard AC routers on the market, and will be the last router you will need for years, unless some other WiFi band is created, or greater high frequency bands are made public. We don’t see this happening at this time, nor a need for faster download speeds than the o2Air-Go.




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