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RadioLabs, has been a leader, designer and innovator of high performance wireless systems since 2001. RadioLabs was not only one of the first companies in the world to offer a high speed, long range wireless bridge system for consumer use, as well as an inventor and developer of the first travel WiFi systems for RVers and Marine enthusiasts, but also specialized in high power mobile “Wardriving”.

The systems developed at RadioLabs have been used by some of the top corporations worldwide, and have developed products for the United States Military, NASA, SpaceX, as well as numerous wireless “Firsts” in the industry, with the development of the long range, high power CaptiFi, WaveRV, WaveXL, as well as dozens of custom applications for high speed HD video and data, High Power Wifi Cards reaching out further than anything else on the market, off-site wireless backup, storage and last mile wireless solutions for the Security, Medical and large scale industrial Wireless / WiFi applications.

RadioLabs continues to supply our customers and every day users, with high performance routers, long range wifi kits and some of the highest power WiFi solutions on the market. Our high power routers and access points, cover more range than any typical store bought router and with robust features, allow our everyday users with commercial level wireless features, usually only found on high dollar, high end wireless routers, costing thousands of dollars.
RadioLabs wireless engineers, can design large or small scale WiFi solutions for virtually any situation. Over the years, we have sold enough wireless bridge systems, to circle the globe, 2-1/2 times and we look forward to wrapping the earth in WiFi dozens of times more, even configuring the first completely wireless island.
With competitive pricing, excellent performance and brilliant designs, RadioLabs’ family of “Radiophiles”, with over 120 years of wireless experience combined, look forward to serving your WiFi, wireless bridge, radio or antenna needs for decades to come. For wireless system designs, or to speak to someone at our company, please use the live chat feature below, or Contact Us , as we look forward to speaking with you about your wireless project!

Fastest possible 2.4 GHz Wireless Bridge System - RadioLabs GS-3000

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