RV / Marine WiFi Antennas – Our History of Innovation

RV - Marine WiFi Antennas - Long Range

RadioLabs wifi RV and Marine antennas, are the most powerful, highest performance wifi antennas on the market. Why? We invented the first wifi marine or RV antennas in the market, and continue to provide the best solutions for all portable wifi systems.

Way back in 2001, RadioLabs was the first company to develop a wifi antenna, specifically for RV and Marine customers. As a family owned corporation, we have been RVers and Boaters for decades, and knew instantly that a dire need for staying in touch, uploading photos, checking emails, or doing work on the road was not only a necessity, but in today’s technology filled lifestyle, being without broadband on the water or the road is simply not an option.

The History and Development of RV – Marine WiFi Antennas

In 2001, no USB Wifi adapters even existed, and the term “WiFi”, was a brand new word to everyone. People knew about it, but didn’t know what it was called. Well, we already had a foothold in the market at that time and were selling old style WiFi PCMCIA or PCI cards to our traveling customers. Our customers however, were ordering simple omni, or

Technical Facepalm

Some WiFi RV and Marine systems are so difficult to configure you need to be an IT engineer just to run them. RadioLabs WiFi RV / Marine antennas are the easiest in the market to configure, and are hands down, the highest performance systems in the market!

directional antennas, then we’d get the tech call asking “Hi, I just ordered one of your antennas, but where do I plug it into my computer?”

At that time, no USB Wifi cards existed, and we would have to teach our customers about WiFi. No laptops or Desktop computer on the market, has a wifi antenna connector, so, we’d either have an angry customer, or we would have to sell them the best technology available at the time, to enable their computer for WiFi. So, in an ironic twist of fate in an after-hours meeting, RadioLabs CEO said “What do our customers think they can do? Plug the coax into the USB Port?”…

The very moment the RV - Marine Wifi Antenna concept was invented

So, off to the old design bench, and the CNC machine, to develop the very first USB WiFi/Marine antenna (The Original WaveRV Gen1). Sure, it wasn’t the best design at the time, but it was the first. No, it wasn’t the fine-tuned product we have today, but it was something, and it worked. It actually worked very well, and our customers were happy to say the least. They had a simple, plug into USB port design, that was old 802.11B technology only, but it was the very first USB WiFi, direct plugin card ever invented. We were proud, and with excellent customer feedback, customers willing to work with us, and some amazing beta testers giving us some amazing feedback, we listened, we adapted, we fine-tuned our USB Antennas, adding more speed, more power, more sensitivity, better mounting methods and we continuously strive to make a better product with more robust features, improved durability and high quality product we make and sell today.

RadioLabs R&D, aims to always improve our design, with better weatherproofing, better technology, better mounting styles, better cable, and now, on the 4th Generation of products, we still proudly design, manufacture and sell our high power, USB WiFi Antennas for RV and Marine with the best travel accessories available. Sure, we’ve been copied, we’ve been imitated and we’ve had people come in withe similar concepts, but they don’t work like the original. 

CaptiFi Ultra | WiFi RV – Marine AntennaCaptiFi Ultra | WiFi RV – Marine Antenna

CaptiFi Ultra | WiFi RV – Marine Antenna


The NEW CaptiFi Ultra, Ethernet WiFi antenna not only has the high power and long range our customers have learned to enjoy from all RadioLabs antennas, but is now 10x faster, easier to use, and no software to install on any device, ever. Our CaptiFi Ultra, is a fully weatherproof high power design, with integrated Ethernet design, allowing for the maximum throughput of 150 MBPS, simple Power Over Ethernet and full 12 VDC or 110 VAC compatibility.

The CaptiFi – High Power RV Marine USB WiFi AntennaThe CaptiFi – High Power RV Marine USB WiFi Antenna

The CaptiFi – High Power RV Marine USB WiFi Antenna


The CaptiFi – The Single best RV / Marine WiFi Solution available
RadioLabs has taken long range wifi RV / Marine WiFi and put it in the smallest package yet. The CaptiFi is everything you need to extend your wifi antenna range in a unit you could almost put in your pocket.

SaleLong Range Marine RV WiFi USB Antenna – WaveXL

Long Range Marine RV WiFi USB Antenna – WaveXL

$239.95 $229.95

RadioLabs is proud to introduce the WaveXL Gen 3 WiFi Antenna – Ultra Long Range Marine Wifi Antenna, a tremendous signal booster for any RV or Boat. With an amazing 12 dB gain, omni antenna, the WaveXL provides extreme range WiFi connectivity with no need for additional equipment. This powerful engineered USB Antenna, is designed specifically for use in harsh environments, the WaveXL is the complete RV or Boat WiFi solution.

SaleUSB WiFi Router Repeater – Marine – RV WiFiUSB WiFi Router Repeater – Marine – RV WiFi

USB WiFi Router Repeater – Marine – RV WiFi

$169.95 $159.95

Create your own personal WiFi Access point on the go. This amazing USB WiFi Repeater controls any RadioLabs USB WiFi Antenna for RV or Marine. Newly redesigned 300 MBPS WiFi speeds, create your own instant personal Access Point. Simply plug your RadioLabs RV or Marine WiFi Antenna into the front of the repeater, connect with any WiFi enabled laptop, phone or tablet, scan and select your desired WiFi Signal at the campground or marina, and enjoy high power, long range WiFi signal in the comfort and privacy of your own RV or boat. Share your signal with up to 200 or more devices, either hardwired, or simple WiFi connection. Works on any RadioLabs USB WiFi Antenna for RV, and can instantly program with any tablet, phone, laptop or PC. Rugged CNC Machined chassis, 12v connect, instant plug and play and hotswap USB port, is a fantastic redesign of our original USB WiFi Repeater, just highly refined. New user interface, added antenna and universal power makes this the best WiFi solution for RVs and boats on the market, period!

CaptiFi || High Power RV – Marine WiFi Antenna kit – with Repeater

CaptiFi || High Power RV – Marine WiFi Antenna kit – with Repeater


The best, complete, WiFi Antenna System for your RV or Boat. The popular CaptiFi Ultra, USB Antenna, has incredible range, blazing fast speed and the ability to connect to signals at far distances that our competitor’s antennas only dream of achieving. This powerful yet compact antenna, coupled with RadioLabs new WiJacker v2  repeater system, achieves speeds and long distance connection to remote WiFi signals never thought possible. This kit includes the CaptiFi USB WiFi Antenna, the new WiJacker v2 USB WiFi Repeater, our universal rugged Marine Antenna Mount and a 16ft extension cable giving you a robust, powerful WiFi system. You’ll never have to install any software. System is 100% Plug and Play

USB WiFi Antenna – Long Range Directional


RadioLabs’ new USB WiFi Directional Antenna, O2Connect is designed to be a fixed mount, long range wifi panel antenna with high speed B/G/N, 150 Mbps, USB module built in. RadioLabs’ new chipset gives 2x the power and twice the receive sensitivity for very long range connections and point to point bridging up to 5+ miles – Line of Sight.

WiMag – Mobile Magnetic Mount WiFi Antenna – Dual Band


Powerful Mobile WiFi Magnetic mount antenna! The new, WiMag Dual Band antenna, designed and manufactured by RadioLabs, is the most powerful WiFi Mobile antenna ever made. Huge gain factor found only in much larger antennas is achieved in a very compact package. Developed for US Military use in 2001, this amazing antenna provides the highest gain possible. RadioLabs has not offered this antenna to the public for quite some time, because we’ve had our hands full making these antennas for huge overseas contracts, global networking and security corporations and video surveillance. This powerful antenna has been tested and performs amazing for it’s small size. Best Mobile WiFi antenna on the market, since 2001! 

Ratchet Style – Marine Antenna Mount RV WiFi


Marine – RV WiFi Antenna mount – This standard, 1 inch, 14 thread mount, is a rock solid, corrosion free mount allowing you to mount any RadioLabs Marine / RV antenna to your boat or RV quickly, securely and in the best manner possible. This nylon impregnated polymer mount, uses stainless steel bolts and hardware, and a UV resistant synthetic polymer allowing you to simply screw on any of RadioLabs Marine or RV antennas in a flash.

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