Ratchet Style – Marine Antenna Mount RV WiFi


Marine – RV WiFi Antenna mount – This standard, 1 inch, 14 thread mount, is a rock solid, corrosion free mount allowing you to mount any RadioLabs Marine / RV antenna to your boat or RV quickly, securely and in the best manner possible. This nylon impregnated polymer mount, uses stainless steel bolts and hardware, and a UV resistant synthetic polymer allowing you to simply screw on any of RadioLabs Marine or RV antennas in a flash.

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Marine – RV WiFi Antenna Mount for all RadioLabs Antennas

Ratchet Style Marine Mount - fits all 1 inch, 14 thread base antennas

Ultra durable Polymer injection molded mount, allows even the heaviest of Marine – RV WiFi antennas, or VHF / UHF Marine antennas to fit the base directly. Will not break, corrode, discolor. Built out of durable polymer, these injection molded base mounts, lock into position to raise or lower the antenna. Locks in place while traveling.

This high quality, durable Marine – RV antenna mount, has been used for well over a decade, without a single case reported of breakage, malfunction or defect. Tried and tested, in the harshest conditions, our antenna mounts are not only 1/2 the cost of Stainless, but they do the job, will never corrode, and hare extremely durable. Large mounting base, allows for a larger footprint against your mounting surface, allowing you to raise or “Deploy” your antenna into the upright position when parked or camping, then, unlock, release and return the antenna to the horizontal or travel position while going down the road, or trailer your boat. RadioLabs Marine and RV Antenna Mount, is a rugged, universal style mount, which has a 1 inch, 14 thread standard “Marine Style” threads to attach all RadioLabs antennas, or, any antenna in the industry which uses the 1 inch, 14 thread base. Built out of rugged, UV Rated, weatherproof and ultra sturdy polymer, impregnated glass construction, these mounts tend to be a bit more durable than even Stainless Steel.

Important Note: We have not had a customer break these mounts. In fact, our Marine Antenna mounts, are manufactured out of a very durable Polymer, which is not only stronger than steel, by adding much-needed flex to avoid snapping the mount, the antenna, or the material it is mounted to, but also, prevents dissimilar metal corrosion, which on a stainless steel mount, if a special anti-seize compound is not used, will create galvanic corrosion, which will corrode both metals. All of RadioLabs’ antennas are made out of a very strong 6061 Aluminum and is beautifully anodized with an added UV component to keep it from discoloring, but when screwing the custom 1-inch, 14 thread antenna onto any steel mount, will eat through the anodized coating. So, we highly recommend using our Polymer antenna mounts. They will not break and will not cause damage to our Anodized coating. In fact, our marine antenna mount should be used on most RV or Marine Antennas, including VHF, HF as well as GPS and WiFi. 

Stainless steel mount – vs Polymer Antenna Mount

Why are these the best option for mounting your your antenna? Because, the ultra-durable polymer construction, will not rust, corrode, discolor, oxidize or break. Stainless steel is expensive, and people don’t always get the performance they are looking for out of their mount. These low cost mounts, are perfect for RV or Marine applications. Even with the weight of our heaviest WaveXL WiFi Marine antennas, we have never had one reported malfunction with these mounts in the 12 years we’ve been selling them. They do their job, the polymer is very durable, they will not cause dis-similar metal corrosion and the hardware is very good quality. Stainless steel is not 100% corrosion resistant. There are multiple grades of Stainless Steel, and the grade of stainless resistance, vs the hardness of the steel varies widely from one manufacturer to the next. RadioLabs has been selling this same exact mount for over 12 years and have yet to hear a customer break, damage or otherwise destroy these mounts. They fit a wide variety of applications, and are perfect for mounting our WiFi Antennas with standard Marine Antenna mounted threaded ends.

These stable, high quality mounts, allow our customers to ratchet the arm, to swivel the antenna into the upright position to rotate and lock the antenna while camping and using WiFi, then, simply release the arm to unlock the antenna mount and swivel your WiFi antenna to the horizontal position, locking it flat to the roof while going down the road. Same thing with boats. These antenna mounts allow you to swivel either WiFi antenna, VHF or other marine antenna into the horizontal position while towing your boat to avoid sheering off your antenna while going under bridges. Make sure that you remember to lay your antenna flat while traveling. A couple of our customers with longer WaveXL RV WiFi Antennas found out the hard way while traveling, because they went under a bridge and realized too late, that their antenna wasn’t down. OOops!  Surprised to find out that while the thin-wall fiberglass antenna did snap, the mount did not. That’s a very strong mount for sure.

Fits all RadioLabs WiFi Marine or RV Antennas

WaveRv Marine – Long Range Wifi Antenna or Captifi USB Wifi Antenna to any vertical or horizontal surface. The standard 1-inch 14 thread base will attach to almost any marine antenna and allow optimal placement and alignment.

Two axis’ of movement provide a range of configurations and easy installation into almost any situation. Use with the included mounting bolts for easy attachment to any drillable surface or combine with u-bolts for rail or ladder attachment.

Heavy duty white nylon construction and stainless steel hardware ensure long-term usage and solid performance.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


  • Attractive Styling
  • Sturdy Nylon Construction
  • Full 180 Degree Rotation
  • 1.5” Heavy Duty Steel Tube for Greater Strength
  • Multiple Mounting Solutions
  • 2 adjustable axes for easy placement
  • Supports 50Lbs. load on both axes
  • Colors available : White
  • Base accepts standard U-Bolts for pole mounting.


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