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RadioLabs is proud to introduce the WaveXL Gen 3 WiFi Antenna – Ultra Long Range Marine Wifi Antenna, a tremendous signal booster for any RV or Boat. With an amazing 12 dB gain, omni antenna, the WaveXL provides extreme range WiFi connectivity with no need for additional equipment. This powerful engineered USB Antenna, is designed specifically for use in harsh environments, the WaveXL is the complete RV or Boat WiFi solution.

RadioLabs WaveXL –RV – Marine USB WiFi Antenna

The WaveXL, ultimate RV – Marine WiFi USB Antenna is our flagship. This incredible, long range WiFi antenna is the longest range, highest gain, USB WiFi antenna ever developed for RV and Marine applications. The WaveXL Gen 4, is an highly refined, high performance, long range USB WiFi Antenna designed specifically for RV and Marine use. This antenna, is one of our high-end products, and after 17 years, RadioLabs still designs and manufactures the best solution for travelers and mariners, with a full line of special designed and manufactured products for those who need data on the move. You will need to be within range of a working WiFi access point or source of Wireless Internet to use this antenna, but the WaveXL is the largest antenna we manufacture, it will reliably connect to access points that you don’t even know exist and will not even show up on our competitor’s products during a WiFi scan.

The Amazing History of the WaveXL, Marine – RV USB WiFi Antenna

Longest Range Marine RV WiFi Antenna - USB

The longest Range WaveXL WiFi Antenna, is a simply Plug and Play USB WiFi Antenna

RV and Marine Wifi Antennas.. RadioLabs is the company who literally developed these terms. Back in 2001, RadioLabs was one of the first companies in the industry to sell WiFi Antennas. The technology was new and little information existed. We were selling standard WiFi antennas to our travel customers. They were purchasing the antenna, plus a cable to hook up to their RV. After much confusion, customers would call in to ask how to plug the antenna into their computer. This led to our technicians having to explain in detail, that they needed a wireless card in their computer, with an external antenna connector. Now keep in mind, this was a couple of years prior to the development of USB WiFi Card existed.

One night back in 2001, a customer asked our company’s owner, “Can I just plug this antenna into my USB Port”. We got a chuckle out of this, until BAM! It hit us. The solution was right in front of our faces the entire time, we just had to design and invent it. We split our design crew in half, our mechanical guys went towards the CNC machine, and our electronic’s guys went to the engineering bench to design a WiFi to USB interface. We kept going every day, working endlessly until the prototypes were developed, the system tested and we proudly launched the first ever, USB WiFi Antenna.

That one night, was a very long time ago, but the original WaveRV was born, and we still manufacture and sell, the best, simple, plug and play RV or Marine WiFi antennas on the market. The WaveRV, led to the next generation of long range, simple, plug and play RV/Marine WiFi antennas, the WaveXL. Today, the WaveXL is on it’s 4th Generation, bringing all the refinements of all other previous models, and the ability to transmit and receive WiFi from amazing ranges. We’ve seen videos, of our WaveXL connecting up to 7 miles, and reports of over 10 miles are quite common.

Who uses the WaveXL? You’d be amazed. Our customers, have ranged from thousands of happy RV and Marine customers, to enabling WiFi on large research vessels, all the way up to the US MilitaryNASA and SpaceX, using them for their launch pad vehicles. Yes, if you watch any footage, you will see our WaveXL Antennas, installed and operational on the launch pad vehicles. The system is simple, reliable, extremely well built, and one of the most rugged produced WiFi antennas ever developed. The WaveXL, set the standard for Long Range, high powered WiFi Antennas and our antennas have a tremendous following with full-time RV’ers and Boaters worldwide.

The Best RV – Marine WiFi antenna on the market

The New and improved WaveXL, Generation 3, High Power Wifi Marine / RV antenna module, has an amazingly sensitive, high output, highly sensitive USB Module. The very sensitive circuitry inside of this antenna, makes it one of the longest range single antenna / wireless cards you can possibly own. Performance is incredible, even picking up home routers, line of sight, at well over a mile, and many times leaving our technical staff amazed. During one recorded test, a WaveXL antenna from a hilltop in Northern California, was able to receive and connect to a WiFi access point that was 7 miles away, line of sight, to another city. No please understand, this is controlled testing, open, line of sight, to a hotel which had a pretty good outdoor WiFi system. When it comes to raw performance, nothing beats these antennas. They are hands-down a high performance tool. 

We went even a few more steps ahead, and added a standard, 1 inch, 14-thread base screw adapter onto the bottom of our WiFi RV Antennas. This allows you to simply screw our WaveXL, or any RadioLabs RV / Marine antenna directly

The WaveXL, long range WiFi Antenna works on All operating systems, Windows, Some Mac OS, Linux, as well as rebroadcasts with our newly redesigned USB WiFi Repeater

Longest Range RV - Marine USB WiFi Antenna - Boosts your RV's WiFi Range

Enjoy long range wifi connections, with the WaveXL USB WiFi Antenna

RadioLabs has taken our popular WaveRv Marine Wireless Marine Antenna and dramatically increased the operating range using our high gain 12dB omni-directional antenna, allowing long range WiFi connectivity for any computer with a USB Port.

  • Simple USB Plug and Play design
  • Waterproof design, allows for installation in any environment, wet or dry.
  • Engineered, and fine tuned over 8 years, to provide the highest quality product we’ve ever manufactured
  • Connects to all public wifi, at blazing fast 150 MBPS wifi speeds.
  • Reported WiFi connection distances of up to 10 miles, and tested here to connect up to 3.1 miles away with moderate signal, and reliable wireless. This is a unique situation, and direct point to point, where a strong outdoor access point was used, but our WaveXL has the best range in the industry.
  • High Power and sensitivity, provide longest range wifi on the market – We set the range standard for all our competition.
  • Connects to all public or private wifi hotspots.
  • 1 inch, 14 thread fitting, allows for connection to standard Marine antenna base
  • Drivers for all current Windows PC, Some MAC OS and Linux software
  • Directly compatible with our USB WiFi Repeater, allowing for connection to any wifi device
  • Standard USB connection, fits all laptop, desktop and portable computers with USB port
  • Rugged USB cable, allows for permanent indoor or outdoor routing of cable for installation
  • Independent reviews, rate RadioLabs WaveXL Marine / RV antenna as #1 for performance

“All-in-One” original travel wireless system with a simple connection over a computer’s USB port. The WaveRV Marine works with Windows XP through Windows 10, All Apple OS, and Linux. We continuously update our drivers, but it is recommended you purchase the newly redesigned USB WiFi Router / Repeater, known as the Wijacker v2 so you never have to deal with drivers again. This amazing USB repeater, gives you blazing fast speeds, simple 1-step connection on any smart phone, tablet or computer. You can manage, scan, connect to any WiFi access point in seconds, then share it with every single device you own that requires WiFi. This newly redesigned repeater system gives blazing fast wireless speeds for streaming even the highest definition video.

WiFi Booster – Long Range WiFi for Marine and RV Extends your Wireless

The marine and boating community have spoken and they wanted a better WiFi connection. Being RV and Marine enthusiasts ourselves, RadioLabs took a personal interest in this matter and what we came up with is the WaveRv, the CaptiFi and, the long range Marine XL. Basically a hot-rod, high gain version of our insanely popular WaveRv Marine. The XL provides massive WiFi range and long distance connections for those who believe that bigger is always better.

At over 52 inches (132 cm) long, the XL is a serious all-in-one WiFi antenna. Plug this antenna directly into any computer’s USB port and experience a boost in WiFi reception like you’ve never seen before. Marinas, harbors, resorts, hotels and restaurants all provide WiFi these days, use the XL and you can connect to these signals at up to 30-40 times the range of a traditional notebook. Not only will your connection range increase, but your connections will be more stable and your download speeds will be vastly improved.

The heart of the WaveRv Marine XL is a highly refined, extremely sensitive 802.11 B/G/N interface card. The secret to the WaveXL’s performance is a closely held secret and we consider the engineering wizardry a trade-secret. However, we guarantee if you test this antenna against anything else on the market, no other antenna in the RV / Marine industry, regardless of cost, will approach the performance levels achieved by this finely-tuned, excellent quality Gen 3 antenna. The wonderful circuit board we produce, coupled with our 12dB, commercial grade, thin-wall omni-directional antenna, produces full legal-limit transmit power output, with receiver specifications that simply rips anything else on the market to shreds. What this means in English is that the XL produces over 60 times the range of a laptop’s built in WiFi card.

No additional hardware or equipment is required, just plug the antenna directly into any computer’s USB port.

The WaveRV Marine XL – Ultra Long Range Marine Wifi Antenna is completely sealed from the elements, 100% weatherproof and each unit is assembled by hand to ensure each and every WaveRV Marine XL meets RadioLabs’ strict quality specifications. Specifically designed for use in marine environments, the 15 foot USB cable is hardwired directly to the XL through a sealed port, ensuring no leakage or corrosion. The bottom assembly tube of the XL, housing the active electronic circuitry of the unit, is constructed of an anodized sealed aluminum and designed to withstand long term exposure to heavy weather, water, and wind. The 1 inch, 14 thread base will thread directly on to any standard marine antenna mount for easy installation (marine mount not included).

The WaveRV Marine XL comes with an integrated 15′ USB cable hard-wired into the base of the assembly and completely sealed and weather-proof. RadioLabs is the only company in the market, that manufactures a purpose built, WiFi antenna which handles both 

Can I boost my cellular signal with the WaveXL?

RadioLabs has noticed, that recently, some of our competitor’s have designed “Range Extender” products for WiFi, that also include cellular and other data. Well, we can too, and we’d gladly join in on the fun, but you cannot have one single antenna or wifi range extender that does everything. These antennas, are highly tuned for the wifi band, and the same antennas we design for one particular function, cannot operate on another frequency, without severe degradation of the signal. In other words, we’ve been taught to always get the right tool for the job. Cellular and other frequencies, cannot be boosted through a wifi antenna. Cellular service operates at 800/900 MHz, and the 1800/1900 MHz band. Wifi on the other hand, operates on 2.4 GHz , or, 2400MHz. An antenna which is designed with high gain in mind, cannot work on any other band than what it’s designed for.

RadioLabs does have a Cellular range booster amplifier, which works on all carriers, and it’s best to leave the Cellular range boosting to another completely different product, specifically designed for that band. We MAY, eventually come out with a product to fit the wifi / cellular boosting market, but until we can perfect a design that does both efficiently, we will still continue to make a purpose built, long range USB WiFi antenna and repeater system specifically designed to boost or extend your wifi signal for miles!


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 4 × 4 in


WaveRV Marine XL Ultra Long Range Wifi Antenna
Bus Type USB Version 2.0 or 3.0
Maximum USB Cable Length 30 feet
IEEE Protocol 802.11B / 802.11G / 802.11 N
Operating Frequency 2400 to 2484 MHz
Data Rate

802.11B / 802.11G / 802.11N
150MBPS/54Mbps/48Mbps/36Mbps/24Mbps/18Mbps 802.11B
11Mbps/5.5Mbps/2Mbps/1Mbps (with automatic adjust)

Modulation DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
OFDM (Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)
Operating Power 5.0V (Supplied via USB Only)
Average Current 355 mA
Peak Current 500 mA (USB Compliant)
Transmit Power (EiRP)

3.1 Watts (35 dBm)

Receive Sensitivity -82dBm (Typical) at 150 MBPS
-86dBm (Typical) at 54 MBPS
-89dBm (Typical) at 11Mbps
-98dBm (Typical) at 1Mbps
Security WPA, WPA2 and 64/128-bit WEP (Wired
Equivalent Privacy) – AES/TKIP Authentication
Full suite of WEP, WPA, WPA2 WPA Enterprise tools available through software.
Antenna Element 2.4Ghz 12dBi Omni directional
Antenna Vertical Beam width 25 degrees
Antenna Horizontal Beam width 360 Degrees
Operating Temperature -20 deg C to 45 deg C
Storage Temperature -30 deg C to 70 deg C
Humidity 10-95%, Non-Condensing
Dimensions 52” x 1.4” x 2.0” (160mm x 19
mm x 51mm)
Weight 1 lb. 14 oz.
Color White / Blue
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer warranty through RadioLabs

1 review for Long Range Marine RV WiFi USB Antenna – WaveXL

  1. Maggio_chris (verified owner)

    This thing is kick ass. For way to long I surfed around reading about long range wifi before I bought it. Before in the best part of a video ‘bufffering’ its almost like it knew when to do that to get me the most irritated. So I finally chose this one, got it plugged it in and holy cow this long list of signals all full bars, no way. So looked at the list, some I recognized and started playing around with Google Earth and the measuring tool. I found a 3 bar across the bay over 4800 feet away . So like a year of unpredictable spotty wifi often under 1 MBS using a stupid store bought extender I get this and 30+ MBS like my laptop is right next to the router over 100 meters away same speeds from way back here, amazing !

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